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Mastery provides Schneider with cloud-based SaaS

Steve Rogerson
July 28, 2020

Wisconsin logistics company Schneider is investing in Chicago-based Mastery Logistics and integrating its cloud-based SaaS technology into its operations.
Mastery brings to market MasterMind cloud-based SaaS technology for large complex organisations, built to fuel automation, visibility and productivity within supply chains. The MasterMind transportation management system (TMS) provides connectivity to Schneider’s supply chain and its supply chain partners, enabling management, decision making, resource allocation, and overall visibility of goods and processes across the organisation, transportation modes and work streams.
“Our customers rely on us to provide the capacity they need when and where they need it regardless of whether it is a dedicated solution, one-way trucking, brokerage, or supply chain management,” said Mark Rourke, chief executive officer of Schneider. “MasterMind will help us accelerate the blending of our asset and non-asset worlds for the benefit of our customers and will provide us a highly flexible and automated solution that will allow our associates to deliver what our customers need.”
As part of this relationship, Schneider will invest in Mastery Logistics, providing capital and expertise to allow both companies to leverage their shared resources in a future working together. MasterMind will integrate with Quest and Schneider’s various other externally provided systems to support the proprietary business intelligence, reporting and other technology tools built by the Schneider teams.
“The industry needs a system that brings value while still allowing a company to benefit from the use of their own secret sauce,” said Jeff Silver, Mastery CEO. “MasterMind is meant to be collaborative in every sense. We are building a strategic partnership within the Mastery and Schneider teams to achieve operational excellence, speed and optimal resource allocation for the Schneider network. Schneider is an incredible company with great people. I love their vision and am looking forward to working with them as they continue to be a prominent leader in this space.”
Mastery was launched in 2019 by Jeff Silver. In his past lives with American Backhaulers and Coyote Logistics, Silver leveraged his technology vision and team’s capabilities to drive his own businesses. This time, he has turned his attention to working with very large, scaled enterprises to help them grow their capabilities and efficiencies.
“Partnering with an industry visionary like Jeff Silver will help accelerate our efforts to build next-generation freight technologies,” said Shaleen Devgun, Schneider executive vice president. “This partnership enables the creation of an industry leading TMS that benefits Schneider, our customers and the industry at large. MasterMind not only brings significantly enhanced efficiencies to Schneider, but it will also become the TMS of choice for large, complex shippers, carriers and logistics service providers.”
Mastery initialised a phased implementation with Schneider beginning with its brokerage division. With this partnership, Schneider will continue to explore opportunities that will accelerate the convergence of its asset and non-asset capabilities.
Schneider provides transportation and logistics services, include regional and long-haul truckload, expedited, dedicated, bulk, intermodal, brokerage, warehousing, supply chain management and port logistics. With nearly $5bn in annual revenue, Schneider has been delivering customer experiences for over 80 years.
MasterMind is a cloud-based SaaS TMS built from the ground up by a team of 120 engineers, designers and programmers, to help large shippers, carriers and logistics service providers manage complex transportation needs in an efficient, cohesive and intelligent way.