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Schneider Electric helps Nova Scotia Power manage outages

Steve Rogerson
June 17, 2015
Nova Scotia Power has completed the implementation of an advanced distribution management system (ADMS) and an outage management system (OMS) that will allow the utility to locate faults more accurately and quickly manage customer outage incidents resulting in improved restoration and reliability in its electric distribution network.
The ADMS from French firm Schneider Electric will allow the utility to react better to outages and, with distribution management system (DMS) applications, be more informed in regards to grid observation and outage predictions.
“Our goal is to offer our 500,000 customers the best service possible and our integrated ADMS helps us achieve that,” said Paul Casey, senior director of transmission and distribution at Nova Scotia Power. “Our employees now have real-time information at their fingertips where available, allowing them to quickly react to and repair any faults in the network.”
A major advantage of using an OMS capable of DMS analysis is the ability to assist with fault locations and isolations. With a traditional OMS, when a fault in the network occurs, a utility needs to create a plan manually to isolate the problem before implementing safe and electrically sound restoration plans based on the current state of the electric grid. Because Schneider Electric’s OMS can model current network loads in real time and look ahead at forecasted network loading, the OMS can automatically create switch orders and integrate with its current standard protection requirements, reducing a significant amount of outage time and improving estimated time to restore information for utility customers.
“Schneider Electric OMS technology integrates with other enterprise utility systems to give utilities a true smart grid,” said Dragan Popovic, executive vice president at Schneider Electric. “We’re pleased Nova Scotia Power chose our OMS to help operate a more reliable network for its residential, commercial and industrial customers.”
The OMS is part of an ADMS suite that includes outage management, distribution management and scada integrated with a geographic information system.
Nova Scotia Power’s ADMS is implemented as a complete IT and OT convergence system allowing the utility to provide more employees with access to real-time information. With the ADMS web-based crew management and outage reporting application and an ADMS mobile field client, the utility can dispatch crews to fault locations and give crews more timely information on current network conditions.
Schneider Electric’s ADMS is deployed in more than 26 countries serving more than 88 million utility customers.