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Schneider device reduces supply interruptions

Steve Rogerson
November 22, 2016
At last week’s European Utility Week in Barcelona, Schneider Electric introduced a smart grid automation device to help utilities reduce supply interruptions, optimise network performance and lower operational costs.
The Easergy T300 feeder automation device is for electrical distribution networks. It provides monitoring, control and automation functions, and employs the latest communications technologies for remote and local operation.
It is an integrated all-in-one system for medium and low voltage control and monitoring. It is designed to simplify ownership from installation, to commissioning and maintenance. The compact and modular design suits many applications and is configurable.
To ensure reliable power availability and reduce outage times on the network, fault detection features are included. Functions include directional and non-directional over-current detection, broken or bridged line detection, transformer per phase, and fuse blown detection. The device also anticipates the loss of LV neutral. Automation capabilities mean it can be applied to reconfigure the network and reduce outage time with centralised and decentralised automation.
The accurate voltage and power measurement also helps with the integration of MV and LV distributed energy resources by providing high-accuracy data to the volt-VAR system for real-time management. It also helps optimise the power flows and monitor power quality delivery on both MV and LV sides, according to EN 50160, even when integrating intermittent distributed generation.
The accurate data analysis helps optimise grid investments by managing peak-load situations in real time with accurate data. These data can also help in reducing technical and non-technical losses and improving energy efficiency with better load flow calculations.
The feeder automation device is part of the Easergy product range from the French company. This also includes the Easergy P5 protection relay.
Schneider Electric had revenues of around €27bn in 2015, and has more than 160,000 employees with customers in over 100 countries.