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Schneider enters Smart Home energy market with CURB partnership

William Payne
January 5, 2017
Texas based home energy monitoring firm CURB is partnering with energy management and automation firm Schneider Electric to embed its intelligent home energy solutions in Schneider's Square D smart load centres. The partnership creates all-in-one smart electric panels, and by-passes the separate need to hire a qualified electrician to install a smart energy monitor. With this partnership, Schneider Electric, the world's largest supplier of electric panels, enters the smart home energy market.

The move also expands CURB's route to market, which had been largely through marketing to electricians, home energy specialists and builders. CURB now has an alternate, and potentially far larger route to market through Schneider Electric.

Home energy monitoring solutions such as CURB and Sense have created a market for monitoring energy use across the home. Such solutions can save consumers money and contribute to a greener environment.

However, installing them requires a qualified electrician to wire them into the home electric circuit panel.

Schneider Electric, the world's biggest supplier of home energy panels and circuits decided to incorporate CURB's intelligent home energy monitoring technology into its Square D electric panels. The firm plans to create a new range of electric panels pre-installed with CURB's technology.

“The circuit breaker panel is the single location that connects everything in your house, making it the natural place to bring a layer of intelligence,” said CURB chief executive Erik Norwood. “By measuring each of the major zones and appliances, it’s possible to know exactly what’s going on … and what might be going wrong. And who better to partner with than Schneider Electric, the global leader in the residential electrical distribution and protection sectors.” 

CURB said in a statement that the fusion of technologies from Schneider Electric and CURB will transform conventional houses into efficient Smart Homes.

The partnership with Schneider Electric provides "bankability and negotiating leverage" to CURB, the company said. 

According to Mario Ramos, Vice President of Strategy and Product Management at Schneider Electric, “Bringing IoT connectivity to load centres is a critical evolution of the smart home. Working with CURB allows us to bring the most accurate and reliable energy monitoring system to our customers to redefine the delivery of power.” This vote of confidence is backed by Schneider Electric’s Senior Vice President of Final Distribution, Yan Golaz, who explains that “CURB is an innovative energy monitoring device that can be safely installed in Square D load centres without voiding the warranty, as a result of inter-operability tests conducted since the inception of the partnership.”