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Schneider Electric partners Arcadia Power on smart thermostats

William Payne
January 18, 2017
Massachusetts based energy management and automation specialist Schneider Electric is partnering energy-as-a-service provider Arcadia Power to provide its US customers with Schneider Electric's Wiser Air WiFi Smart Thermostats at no upfront cost. The program will enable US customers to connect their local utility to Arcadia Power's utility billing platform.

Through the partnership, after customers sign-up with Arcadia Power, Schneider Electric will send Wiser Air Smart Thermostats directly to customers' homes anywhere in the U.S. at no upfront cost. Arcadia Power will then manage the customer's monthly power bill, and its save-as-you-use program will enable customers to pay for the thermostat with energy savings gained over time using the energy-efficient Wiser Air thermostat.  

The Wiser Air Eco IQ self-learning feature is designed to free users from having to enter desired temperature set points or create a schedule. According to Schneider Electric, this feature sets it aside from most smart thermostats available online today. The thermostat only requires feedback when users are uncomfortable.

Schneider Electric says that Wiser Air has been shown to reduce energy costs by as much as 30 percent for users with its efficient, self-learning technology.

"Wiser Air is a leader in the home energy market for smart, easy-to-use solutions that help homeowners simplify energy efficiency," said Yann Kulp, Vice President of Residential Energy Solutions, Schneider Electric. "Through our program with Arcadia Power, we are able to make these smart thermostats available to customers in a cost-effective manner, and build on our commitment to delivering innovation at every level."

Arcadia Power partners with conservation groups like the Sierra Club to promote clean energy and energy efficiency for residential customers. Its utility billing platform provides customers across all 50 states with a way to manage utility bills and access wind energy, energy efficiency, and community solar programs.  

"Thermostats are the energy 'brain' of the home, and with Wiser Air we can upgrade all customers at no cost to them," said Kiran Bhatraju, Founder and CEO of Arcadia Power. "Not only will customers have more control with the smart thermostat, but they'll save money over time. It takes just three minutes to make their home smart and efficient."

Schneider Electric and Arcadia Power are both working to incorporate bill-saving demand response and time-of-use programs into the $0 down thermostat offer.