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Schneider boosts Power SCADA real time visibility

William Payne
September 19, 2018

Schneider Electric has launched a new version of its EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operation (PSO) software for real time visibility and control of industrial systems and electrical grid applications.

Power SCADA Operation is part of Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure architecture, a system architecture for building, grid, industrial and data centre applications. 

This latest edition of EcoStruxure PSO is designed to reveal hidden power-related risks. It provides high-availability control and alarming featuring PLC time-stamped event capture. It also features built-in performance and thermal monitoring to support proactive maintenance and prevents electrical fires, as well as energy analysis models and forecasts of energy usage that can quantify savings and equipment and usage compliance agreement.

"If you run a large, power-critical facility, every second of downtime comes with huge business interruptions and financial losses, puts lives at risk and can potentially damage an organisation's reputation," notes Kelly Becker, vice president, Power Solutions Division, Schneider Electric. "PSO is engineered to help power-critical facilities like data centres, hospitals, oil and gas operations and airports maximise their uptime. It's a SCADA system uniquely designed for large electrical distribution applications. It has built-in architectural redundancy providing peace of mind that your network remains reliable even if a worst-case scenario occurs."

EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operation adds new control capabilities including high availability control and alarming enabled through redundant software (PSO) and hardware (M580 field automation controller) featuring PLC time-stamped event capture. It also provides breaker performance capabilities that detect when protection settings have been changed and analyse circuit breaker aging to enable proactive maintenance.

Other features include continuous thermal monitoring that can avoid electrical fires using wireless busbar temperature sensors, energy analysis operators that allow operators to model and forecast energy usage, quantify savings, meet ISO50001 requirements and track energy performance indicators per ISO50006, multi-site support that designed to provide roll-based access to one or more sites with full time zone support, and cybersecurity features that include Windows active directory, McAfee whitelisting and security best practices to ensure secure operation.

"Our customers will discover PSO provides a flexible, redundant architecture with information and control exactly how they need it," said Becker. "PSO helps them protect their people and assets, optimise their business continuity, maximise operational efficiency and simplify their reporting and compliance."

In a statement, Schneider Electric said that a customer operating a large data centre installed an EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operation system combined with connected products such as power quality meters, for millisecond timestamp accuracy and power events analysis, to determine electrical root causes and sequence of events analysis. While this customer's previous system left them in the dark for several minutes before even alerting about an event, PSO integrated with third-party devices, handled a multi-source electrical distribution network and implemented live monitoring of Ethernet connected meters and PLCs with refresh rates of less than one second.