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Schneider helps Basin Electric monitor critical assets

Steve Rogerson
January 19, 2016
Schneider Electric is helping Basin Electric Power Cooperative with remote analysis of critical assets using Avantis Prism software. Basin is a wholesale electric generation and transmission cooperative based in North Dakota that provides electricity to 2.8 million customers in nine US states.
The work is being done through the French company’s Schneider Electric Software subsidiary in California using its its Monitoring & Diagnostics Services Center (MDSC).
Prism will be used to monitor the health and performance of critical assets at five Basin Electric plants, including combined-cycle and natural gas plants. Schneider analysts at the MDSC are developing, training and deploying more than 150 asset models that will be used by the software to provide early warning notification that a piece of equipment is heading towards failure.
“This system can detect subtle anomalies, such as step changes in any of the combustion turbine processes, before traditional operational alarms,” said Kevin Tschosik, manager of distributed generation for Basin Electric. “This should increase both our reliability and availability for the combustion turbine sites and our combined-cycle plant, preventing high repair costs.”
The agreement marks an expansion of Schneider Electric’s existing relationship with Basin Electric, as the company installed Schneider Electric’s Wonderware eDNA enterprise historian software in 2012. Basin Electric is one of the largest electric generation and transmission cooperatives in the USA, providing wholesale power to 138 member cooperative systems in nine states.
“Using Prism, engineers at our MDSC help customers leverage the industrial internet of things for data-driven insights that help them achieve the greatest return on assets,” said Mike Reed, manager of analytical services at Schneider Electric. “We use machine learning and diagnostics technology, coupled with years of experience, to provide early warning of equipment problems to ultimately reduce unscheduled downtime, improve reliability and control maintenance costs.”
Schneider Electric’s MDSC provides monitoring and diagnostics services for all asset types, regardless of manufacturer. Schneider also offers analytic services to support a customer’s internal team of analysts, providing assistance from model training, to diagnostics, to best practices and recommendations.
Avantis Prism predictive asset analytics software is part of Schneider's expanding software business for power, oil and gas, mining and other process industries.