Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

SAP customer jump-start programme for IoT Portfolio

William Payne
January 19, 2017

Enterprise software company SAP SE has launched a jump-start enablement programme for its Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio. The programme is intended to help customers connect intelligent devices with people and processes to achieve tangible business outcomes.

Following SAP's recent commitment to invest €2 billion in IoT over five years, the IoT portfolio combines adaptive applications, Big Data applications and connectivity in packaged solutions. These range across line-of-business and industry use cases spanning connected products, assets and infrastructure to vehicle fleets, markets and people.

SAP's IoT portfolio has been named SAP Leonardo.

"Moving from things to outcomes is about new business processes such as Industry 4.0, new business models and new ways for people to live and work," said Dr. Tanja Rueckert, executive vice president, Digital Assets and IoT, SAP. "With SAP Leonardo, we connect 'things' with business processes that are instantaneous and proactive, and with people who can manage more effectively with augmented intelligence and autonomous systems. Our SAP Leonardo IoT portfolio delivers on SAP's commitment to produce superior business value through enterprise IoT innovation."

SAP is introducing a jump-start programme as part of its SAP Leonardo Labs global enablement network to help organisations identify and validate IoT pilots and use cases. Staffed by SAP line-of-business and industry consultants, the jump-start programme features design thinking to match IoT innovations with customer strategies and objectives in achievable pilots with a clear path to business value. The jump-start programme is intended to ease the first steps of the IoT journey, producing pilots that define business cases for full-scale IoT strategies and further deployment.

SAP is also introducing promotional pricing for the IoT jump-start programme with a fixed cost for software and services to cover the pilot and first year of usage for SAP Leonardo IoT solutions. This includes SAP Connected Goods, SAP Vehicle Insights, SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service and SAP Asset Intelligence Network.

By setting a defined price for services and key solutions in the SAP Leonardo IoT portfolio, the introductory offer aims to provide transparency and eliminate budget uncertainty, enabling customers to establish IoT pilots with clear scope, length and pricing.