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Samsung and WellDoc team up to tackle type two diabetes

Steve Rogerson
August 25, 2015
Digital health technology company WellDoc and South Korea-based Samsung Electronics have teamed up to trial a telemedicine project for tackling type two diabetes in Ontario.
The programme is being run by the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) with the goal to demonstrate the clinical and economic value of integrating a clinically proven self-management tool and lifestyle tracking into the type two diabetes treatment standard of care. The programme will include a minimum of 300 people living with type two diabetes who will receive a prescription of BlueStar-S from their healthcare provider.
"By working with Samsung, WellDoc has an opportunity to make a real impact in bettering the lives of the millions of people that are living with type two diabetes each day," said Kevin McRaith, CEO of Baltimore, Maryland-based WellDoc. "We look forward to collaborating with Samsung on innovative and life-changing programmes such as this. Our goal is to improve self-management, which ultimately leads to better outcomes as demonstrated in our clinical trials."
WellDoc and Samsung have teamed up to enhance WellDoc's type two diabetes self-management technology, BlueStar. This is the first FDA-cleared mobile prescription therapy, and it will be integrated with Samsung S Health by offering OTN programme participants a way to integrate lifestyle tracking and self-management improvement. BlueStar enables adults with type two diabetes to improve self-management through real-time guidance based on blood glucose levels and their medication treatment plan.
The combined offering, called BlueStar-S, will empower OTN participants to feel confident in their management of type two diabetes by integrating personal fitness goals and health metric tracking. The tool can be used to track eating, exercise and sleep to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can deliver a customised diabetes self-management programme that is tailored to each patient based on his or her provider's treatment plan.
"We understand that managing type two diabetes is not just about medical treatments but also influenced by one's lifestyle," said Injong Rhee, EVP of enterprise business at Samsung Mobile. “As mobility and lifestyle become more closely tied than ever, Samsung is committed to develop and simplify mobile healthcare. We are pleased to work with industry leaders like WellDoc and OTN to empower consumers and improve the health of individuals living with diabetes and other chronic conditions."
As reported by Allied Market Research, the mhealth market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 33.5 per cent from 2015 to 2020. The partners' understanding of how people use mobile technology positions this programme as a model for progress in type two diabetes self-management and in the healthcare industry. As such, WellDoc views this partnership as a model for global expansion.
"At OTN, we firmly believe guided self-management can change outcomes for people living with type two diabetes," said Edward Brown, CEO of OTN. "By leveraging a clinical and behavioural science framework and pairing it with best-in-class lifestyle tracking, mobility and telemedicine, Samsung, WellDoc and OTN will demonstrate a new standard for treating diabetes."