Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Samsung launches Artik IoT family of products and software platform

William Payne
May 14, 2015
Samsung has launched a range of Internet of Things processors, software development environment and Cloud based analytics connectivity ranging from what it calls the smallest available IoT form factor, through to an 8 core processor suitable for advanced manufacturing and industrial applications.
ARTIK is Samsung's open platform that includes a family of integrated production-ready modules, software, development boards, drivers, tools, security features and cloud connectivity designed to help accelerate development of a new generation of better, smarter IoT devices, solutions and services.
“We are providing the industry’s most advanced, open and secure platform for developing IoT products”, said Young Sohn, president and chief strategy officer, Samsung Electronics. “By leveraging Samsung’s high-volume manufacturing, advanced silicon process and packaging technologies, and extensive ecosystem, ARTIK allows developers to rapidly turn great ideas into market leading IoT products and applications.”
All members of the Samsung ARTIK family incorporate embedded hardware security technology, on-board memory and advanced processing power in an open platform. Security is also a key element of the advanced software integrated into the platform, along with the ability to connect to the Internet for cloud-based data analytics and enhanced services. Samsung says that the ARTIK can be customized for rapid deployment of IoT devices and the services that can be delivered using them.
The Samsung ARTIK platform includes the ARTIK 1, according to Samsung the smallest IoT module currently available in the industry at 12mm-by-12mm, which combines Bluetooth/BLE connectivity and a nine-axis sensor. It is designed for low-power, small form-factor IoT applications.
The ARTIK 5 is aimed at home hubs, drones and high-end wearables. It incorporates a 1GHz dual-core processor and on-board DRAM and flash memory.
The ARTIK 10 is the high-performance member of the family with an eight-core processor, 1080p video decoding/encoding, 5.1 audio and 2GB DRAM along with 16GB flash memory. The Samsung ARTIK 10 includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE and ZigBee connectivity and is designed for use in industrial settings.
At the hardware level, ARTIK contains am embedded secure element that goes beyond software-based encryption solutions. At the application level, ARTIK is equipped with a machine learning based anomaly detection system. This allows the user to identify abnormalities and unusual behavior in order to address possible hacking or intrusion activity.
The company has developed an IoT software stack and tools needed to accelerate product development. Developers can utilise an application framework development as an alternative to building low-level software libraries.
According to Samsung, all ARTIK modules offer the smallest form factor in their class. Certain ARTIK modules use Samsung’s advanced ePoP (embedded Package-on-Package) technology.