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Samsung partners American Well to expand telehealth access

Steve Rogerson
February 28, 2017
South Korea-based Samsung Electronics announced at last week’s Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Florida a partnership with American Well to develop healthcare services for providers, delivery networks, payers and employers.
American Well uses telehealth to improve people's access to quality care. The company serves more than 200 health systems and health plan partners nationwide including healthcare companies such as Anthem, Cleveland Clinic and NewYork-Presbyterian.
"Mobile technology offers the promise to empower consumers and simplify how healthcare is delivered," said Harry Kim, Samsung’s mobile health business lead. "Our partnership with American Well is an exciting opportunity to innovate new experiences that improve health and business outcomes."
As part of the initial phase of the partnership, American Well partners, and other providers and payers, will have the opportunity to offer their services to Samsung consumers.
"Our partnership with Samsung will bring a new level of consumer reach, accessibility and ease of use to the healthcare industry,” said Ido Schoenberg, chairman of American Well. “This collaboration is the next major step in the evolution of integrated care delivery and will have a sweeping impact on the whole healthcare ecosystem, providers, payers and patients included."
Healthcare industry leaders included in the initial development phase of the partnership expressed support for the initiative. For example, Steven Corwin, president and CEO of NewYork-Presbyterian, said: "Over the last year, NewYork-Presbyterian has seen an outpouring of positive feedback from both patients and physicians on our digital health initiatives. We recognise that this is the future of healthcare, and we're proud to work with American Well and Samsung as we continue to advance these services for patients in New York and around the world."
Toby Cosgrove, president and CEO of Cleveland Clinic, added: "We are pleased to offer Cleveland Clinic's clinical expertise to more patients than ever before. Advanced technology will be essential to the future of healthcare and helps us continue to bring patients the highest level of care, more complete information and easier access."
And John Jesser, vice president of Anthem, said: "At LiveHealth Online we are interested in bringing consumers the broadest possible set of easily accessible and affordable healthcare choices. Consumers deserve care that is modern in every respect – better access, lower cost and more complete, connected care. "