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Routific, Virtace partner on route optimisation

William Payne
November 11, 2016

Canadian firms Routific, a specialist in vehicle routing algorithms, and Virtice, a field service software developer, are joining forces to create a work order management platform that can optimise logistics and field service operations. The partnership between the two companies reflects a wider trend of leveraging existing APIs to offer full-suite software solutions.

The integration with Routific introduces logic that solves the travelling salesman problem – also known as the vehicle routing problem when applied to fleets. Users can now optimise schedules from within Virtace's inField Clipboard platform, enabling field workers to be more efficient with their time and resources on the road.

The travelling salesman problem is the challenge of finding the shortest possible route to visit a number of locations. It is surprisingly computationally complex and difficult, particularly if terrain, traffic, road quality are added in. However solving it accurately can save time, fuel and improve business performance.

Routific claims itsroute optimisation solution is able to save businesses up to 40% on driving time and fuel.

The partnership comes at a time when many software companies are increasingly leveraging APIs and existing expertise instead of trying to build everything in-house. Both Routific and Virtace have already integrated with several solution partners.

"Routific integrates easily, and it works extremely quickly," Tiku said. "The optimized routes appeared instantly like the solution is one application – and that's exactly how a well-developed API should perform."

"It is our mission to simplify field operations while optimizing performance and profitability for our clients," said Rakesh Tiku, President and Co-founder of Virtace.  "We are always looking to evolve inField Clipboard to offer the newest, most innovative solutions and partnering with Routific, one of the experts in routing, will bring considerable value to our clients."

"We're very excited to have our proprietary routing engine integrated with inField Clipboard," said Routific's Founder and CEO Marc Kuo. "Route optimisation is essential to field services, and Virtace is one of the leaders in field services management software."