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Rodan Energy buys Energent to add analytics to smart grids

Steve Rogerson
November 3, 2015
Rodan Energy, Canada’s largest independent demand response and smart grid provider, has acquired Energent, a North American energy management information systems provider that enables organisations to understand, change and manage their energy usage.
This data analytics company provides insight to energy saving opportunities and lets companies take control of their energy use and associated costs.
“The combination of Rodan and Energent will enable our customers to make better informed decisions about their energy use in order to reduce their total energy spend and carbon footprint,” said Paul Grod, president and CEO of Rodan Energy. “The ability to combine metering, demand response with sophisticated energy analytics provides a comprehensive demand side management offering to both utilities and their large customers. Our clients will now have the intelligence and the technology to adjust both the timing and quantity of their electricity and other commodities use, while delivering immediate benefits together with an instant payback.”
Energent’s suite of SaaS-based energy management tools coupled with Rodan’s EnerVu demand response system will let organisations improve their energy management strategies and establish energy cost reduction goals.
“Rodan Energy and Energent are the perfect combination to deliver high value energy management to both utilities and end user customers alike,’’ said Chris Reid, president and CEO of Energent. “With intuitive dashboards, powerful optimisation tools, and the consultative guidance of the energy analyst, clients in all sectors will be able to prioritise the energy performance measures that deliver the highest return on investment, and then measure and verify the impact on energy cost.”
The Rodan Energy group of companies, which includes Energent, Midas Metering and Enershift, provides a suite of energy products to North America’s energy consumers, utilities and power producers. Rodan Energy is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, with its Western Canadian regional office in Calgary, Alberta. Energent is headquartered in Canada’s high-tech hub of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.