Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Roambee partners T-Systems on logistics, asset monitoring

William Payne
January 19, 2017

Santa Clara based industrial and logistics IoT specialist Roambee is partnering Deutsche Telekom corporate subsidiary T-Systems to provide global supply chain and logistic IoT based services. The partnership will offer a real-time visibility solution for goods and assets in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Roambee's solutions and technologies for smart logistics and smart asset monitoring will be deployed on T-Systems global cloud platform. T-Systems parent, Deutsche Telekom, recently led a Series B round by investing $3.1 million in Roambee.

Employing an "on-demand" pay-per-use business model, the two companies are aiming to deliver an end-to-end solution featuring real time visibility, tracking, and condition monitoring of shipments and assets in-transit and in-field. Roambee will provide pre-built Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that include wireless portable sensor devices and cloud-based software, reporting, and predictive analytics. The solution will be provided on T-Systems' highly scalable platform, and offers access to a global infrastructure of secured data centres and cloud solutions from a wide partner ecosystem.

Roambee's solution includes compact, rugged wireless portable sensor devices called "Bees" and a cloud-based software platform. The Bees and software collect high volumes of data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, sensor data, and external data streams to deliver machine learning-based predictive analytics to improve operational efficiencies, enhance customer engagement, mitigate risk, and provide measurable ROI.

The solution, as one example, allows for real-time monitoring of the temperature and location status of highly-sensitive pharmaceutical goods through the entire shipment with the use of actionable data and real-time alerts, allowing counter-actions if deviations are reported.

Roambee's in-field asset monitoring aims to deliver confidence in asset usage monitoring, reporting, and regulatory compliance. T-Systems will operate the service from its high-tech data cent er in Germany. Customers will receive defined real-time event alerts and reporting, historical reporting, and actionable data analytics adhering to the highest data security standards.

"Roambee's fast-to-deploy and to-scale solution adds a strong value to our IoT partner ecosystem globally. Combined with T-Systems' infrastructure and system integration expertise, we will now jointly enable and transform industries worldwide with IoT applications," said Anette Bronder, Director of T-Systems' Digital Division.

"With over 100 customers around the world, Roambee is experiencing significant momentum and business growth in the IoT market. Now with T-Systems as our strategic partner, we will be able to both scale our current customers worldwide, and win new customers jointly. We no longer have to worry about building our own global service infrastructure, which is needed to maintain the quality and rich experience of our services to our customers," said Roambee CEO and founder, Sanjay Sharma.