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Rinsfox crowdfunds to make tiny wireless thermometer

Steve Rogerson
April 21, 2020

Hong Kong start-up Rinsfox has started a crowdfunding campaign to develop, market and sell a tiny, wearable smart thermometer capable of wirelessly delivering temperature readings, alerts and other data.
The Smaler thermometer can be programmed to send alerts whenever a specific temperature threshold has been reached, serving as a tool for parents, caregivers and medical personnel.
Rinsfox has initiated a crowdfunding campaign for the thermometer via Indiegogo, with a funding goal of $40,000 to begin production.
"Temperature recording devices and thermometers have become increasingly digitised over the past few decades," said a company representative. "And that has allowed parents and caregivers much easier access to these life-saving devices. But this Smaler thermometer goes several steps further. It is a coin-sized wearable device that can be used continuously during times of sickness to monitor patients even while they sleep. The device is smooth and comfortable, so toddlers and infants can be outfitted with one. And, best of all, the alert system will immediately notify caregivers the moment a fever spikes, allowing them to take mitigating action and save precious time during a medical emergency."
The thermometer provides notifications through an accompanying smartphone app, and the device keeps a record of temperatures, storing data for caregivers and medical staff. The storage box has automatic power modes, with on and off settings as needed.
The thermometer is 22mm wide by 3mm thick, weighing 2g. Temperature accuracy is to within 0.01 degrees, and it is IP22 waterproof. There is a centralised monitor connected via Bluetooth. The device uses recyclable batteries and each CR-1220 battery lasts for 30 days.
To initiate and use the device:

  • Download the app.
  • Open the app and connect to the device via Bluetooth.
  • Click the start button and pair the app to the device.
  • Set notifications on a smartphone via the app.
  • Name each setting and set warning notifications at alert-temperatures, or use default settings.
  • Attach the device under the user's arm, with the arrow facing towards the armpit. The device is active and ready to monitor.
It can be used by factory workers, school students, bus drivers, infants, children and service workers of all types. The Indiegogo campaign offers multiple funding packages, including an Early Bird sale at 33% off the retail price.