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Rhenus aims to grow the next generation of logistics experts

Steve Rogerson
February 18, 2015
Freight forwarder Rhenus Logistics has launched a graduate programme as part of its ongoing investment in the UK. The scheme aims to attract students with an array of skills from non traditional subjects to encourage the next generation to take up a career in the logistics sector.
The programme consists oftwo separate placements; one focuses on managerial skills and the other is engineering specific, both of which will run for 24 months.The overall objective is to give the successful recruits a platform to build a successful career with one of Europe's leading logistics providers.
Chester University archaeology graduate, Michael Beeston, will be completing the system programme, in the company’s Bradford facilities. Throughout the 24 months, he will be working closely with Germany, developing a road transport management system (RTMS) to be integrated across the whole of the UK initially and eventually implemented with the Rhenus Group internationally.
James Cowper, recently graduated with a maths degree from Manchester University, will take on the management focused graduate placement. He will be based at Rhenus’ UK headquarters in Manchester working alongside the managing director. As well as completing managerial tasks from attending sales meetings to visiting a number of Rhenus departments in the UK, he will also support fellow graduate Beeston on implementing the RTMS.
“As the logistics sector grows, it is crucial we play a part in supporting and inspiring the next generation,” said David Williams, managing director at Rhenus. “The reason we have created our graduate scheme programme is to provide a career for graduates from a non-traditional background and to encourage students to consider a career in the logistics industry. The two separate programmes will provide our new recruits with a comprehensive, hands-on experience, including taking on a number of different roles within the business. Once completed, we aim to provide a permanent position at Rhenus with allowances for steady career progression.”