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ResMed connects PAP device to patient monitoring platform

Steve Rogerson
November 21, 2107

What is claimed to be the world's smallest positive airway pressure (PAP) device has been connected to AirView, the world's largest remote patient monitoring platform.
California-based ResMed’s AirMini connects to AirView and lets clinicians see patients' nightly data, verify adherence and spot therapy issues, giving them an opportunity to educate and engage patients to reach better health outcomes.
Remote monitoring is the latest feature on AirMini, ResMed's 0.3kg PAP device that also has self-monitoring tools, letting patients see their own nightly data with an app on their iOS or Android phones.
Monitoring is a key factor in keeping patients healthy through regular therapy use; a recent study showed that more than 87 per cent of patients were adherent when remote and self-monitoring tools were used.
"AirMini and AirView are the perfect pair for travelling with continuous and automatic PAP therapy," said ResMed CEO Mick Farrell. "ResMed has combined self- and remote monitoring and waterless humidification to put a world-class, world-traveling therapy experience literally in the palm of your hand."
Once patients download or update the AirMini by ResMed 1.2 app, and opt in to upload data to the cloud, home medical equipment providers can view the same reports, charts, notes and therapy thresholds in AirView as they can for ResMed's bedside Air10 devices, helping them monitor more patients in less time. The home equipment can register their patients' AirMini devices through AirView, Brightree or U-Sleep patient management platforms just as they would a ResMed Air10 bedside device.
AirMini is available in 15 countries across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, with more countries to follow.
ResMed has more than four million patients remotely monitored every day. Its 6000-strong team serves healthcare users in more than 120 countries.