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Redwood and Transflo streamline digital freight brokerage

Steve Rogerson
January 28, 2020

Redwood Logistics and Transflo are working together to streamline digital freight brokerage operations and expand the ecosystem of digital connectivity.
The partnership combines Chicago-based Redwood's digital transportation management platform with analytics and carrier recommendation engines, with Transflo's Velocity+, a portfolio of software and business process automation services, for real-time communications between shippers and carriers.
Florida-based Transflo is a mobile, telematics and business process automation provider to the transportation industry.
The two companies will integrate Redwood's digital transportation management platform with Transflo's Velocity+ all-in-one mobile and cloud-based transportation software for brokers and 3PLs. The partnership should help both companies realise an exponential network effect as Transflo carriers are provided access to hundreds of thousands of shipments that Redwood moves annually.
"We are very excited about partnering with a progressive company like Redwood Logistics to leverage their technology with our digital footprint in transportation to accelerate the delivery of services and drive significant efficiencies to our mutual customers," said Frank Adelman, president and CEO of Transflo. "We are extremely comfortable at how well our visions align and look forward to multiple opportunities in the near future."
Transflo has had more than 1.3 million downloads of its mobile app from a community of primarily small and medium sized carriers. Redwood meets the demands of modern-day brokerage with its digital transportation management platform. With access to hundreds of thousands of lorries invisible to the rest of the market, truckload and LTL shippers could gain an advantage with better capacity, pricing and shipment visibility, due to this partnership.
"Redwood is committed to expanding the scale and connectivity of our digital freight ecosystem," said Todd Berger, president of Redwood Logistics. “Partnering with Transflo is a natural fit as both companies are focused on creating value, automating processes and removing friction for both shippers and carriers in the supply chain. Tapping into the Transflo carrier community will instantly give Redwood Logistics customers access to hundreds of thousands of new drivers to engage and offer relevant freight, digitally."
While successful digital freight brokerage relies on technology, it is powered by a thriving ecosystem that seamlessly integrates customers and carriers. Through the combination of Redwood's Top 15 brokerage network with the scale, technology and carrier network of Transflo, the partnership should amplify the connectivity and capacity users enjoy and positions both entities well for any market volatility in the future.
Headquartered in Chicago, Redwood has been helping move and manage freight for more than 18 years. The company's portfolio includes digital freight brokerage, flexible freight management and platform services that simplify the integration of disparate supply chain technology.
Transflo from Pegasus TransTech is a mobile, telematics and business process automation provider to the transportation industry in the USA and Canada. Its mobile and cloud-based technologies deliver real-time communications to fleets, freight brokers, 3PLs and commercial vehicle drivers, and digitise 500 million shipping documents a year, representing approximately $84bn in freight bills. The company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.