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Redtail increases vehicle asset management offering at CES

Steve Rogerson
January 7, 2015
Redtail Telematics unveiled its Vam-HD GPS hardware at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Vam-HD is a hardware, data and user interface product for vehicle fleets and insurance industry customers. Vam stands for vehicle asset management.

The idea behind Vam-HD is to take fleet management and specialised applications such as crash forensics to the next level using the latest available technologies. These include: high impact detection, with sampling rates up to 1kHz; more memory and greater processing capacity to capture longer journeys, detect events and process details; GPS sensitivity as a platform; compatibility with multiple satellite constellations including GPS and Glonass, for pinpoint accuracy and faster time to fix; dual range three-axis accelerometers and three-axis gyro for detailed driver behaviour and crash reconstruction; and Bluetooth and serial port connectivity,

“Vam-HD will be a game-changer for vehicle fleet customers and insurers worldwide, enabling a comprehensive solution that has not been available until now, combining Vam-HD data processed through the Redtail DataWarehouse and viewed with an intuitive UI,” said Colin Smithers, Redtail’s CEO. “Together with the new Crash Portal, they bring big-data right to your desktop.

“High definition data is crucial, capturing a crash event using Redtail hardware in the vehicle. A typical car crash occurs in a very rapid timeframe, averaging just 25ms. Vam-HD’s high speed impact sampling rates of up to 1kHz enable fleet managers and claims departments to quickly identify potential injuries as well as asset damage.”

Redtail makes GPS tracking products for vehicles and is a strategic data warehouse supplier to the insurance telematics industry and other enterprise-level customers in Europe and North America.