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Radial and Locus partner to increase warehouse efficiency

Steve Rogerson
January 8, 2019

Belgium Post Group subsidiary Radial, a Pennsylvania-based omnichannel commerce technology company, is partnering Locus Robotics to increase warehouse efficiency and improve workplace quality.
Massachusetts-based Locus provides collaborative, autonomous mobile robots for warehouses. These will let Radial help its retail customers scale operations and more easily meet shipping deadlines.
"We are pleased to be partnering with Radial to support its warehouse operations," said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. "With our technology, workers are able to do what they do best – picking – while spending less time walking. Our deep experience in fulfilment centre operations enables us to deliver a purpose-built solution that seamlessly supports the needs of the high-growth ecommerce warehouse."
Radial's implementation of independent, autonomous mobile LocusBots by Locus Robotics will ensure that fulfilment centre operations are optimised in the face of ecommerce volume growth and seasonal peaks. The robots will also help Radial control labour costs and make human workers more productive.
LocusBots are designed to operate safely alongside human workers, autonomously travelling to picking locations, reducing unproductive worker walking time, decreasing employee fatigue and increasing throughput.
An early adopter is Pennsylvania-based retail chain Dick’s Sporting Goods.
"At Dick's, we are committed to leveraging technology to drive peak performance in business and in human endeavours," said George Giacobbe, SVP of supply chain DC Administration. "That's why we work with Radial, and why we're excited about the use of robots to help their workers achieve peak performance."
Locus' robots also help expedite the on-boarding of new Radial employees, so they can get to work faster. The Locus product is equipped with multi-language capabilities and an easy-to-use tablet-based interface, helping Radial to on-board employees without spending significant time and resources on training and development.
"Every year we hire more than 20,000 seasonal workers for the peak holiday season," said Sean McCartney, executive vice president at Radial. "By partnering with Locus Robotics, we are able to decrease the time associated with training and integrating staff into our workforce. Now, our workers are able to spend more time completing skilled tasks that deliver value directly to the client, leaving them more fulfilled in their roles."
Because the Locus products work seamlessly with Radial's existing picking technologies and infrastructure, it provides the option to deploy them at any existing fulfilment centre. In doing so, Radial is afforded the ability to improve and scale efficiencies on-demand without a disruption, so clients aren't impacted by downtime.
"Radial and Locus look forward to partnering together on future engagements and opportunities to help make clients successful," said Brad Taylor, senior director of engineering at Radial. “Partnering with Locus Robotics gives Radial a turnkey solution to increase efficiency and productivity with minimal disruption to the business or infrastructure.”