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India oil and gas firm first to deploy RAD gateway unveiled this week at Cired

Steve Rogerson
June 17, 2015
Israeli company RAD unveiled a ruggedised, secure-by-design gateway for distribution automation and smart grid backhaul applications at this week’s Cired exhibition in Lyon, France. The system is already being deployed by Cairn Energy, one of India’s largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies.
The SecFlow-1 is a ruggedised scada-aware gateway and router with security-by-design that delivers cyber security for critical infrastructure communications applications. It is said to enable reliable communications over public and private wireless and wireline infrastructure at a competitive price.
Its resilient cyber security controls are aimed at the needs and vulnerabilities of power, water, oil and gas utilities. The IEC 61850-3 certified device combines networking functionalities and critical-asset protection to bring scada, Ethernet and IP services securely to distribution automation and secondary substations.
Deep packet inspection, encryption and a distributed service-aware firewall can secure and monitor all operational technology applications. Protocol commands between remote terminal units, control stations, M2M or human-machine interfaces are verified for authenticity and validity.
As with the company’s other service assured network products, it boosts the NERC-CIP compliance level of the power utility’s bulk electric system (BES).
Given its small size, the device is suitable for deployment at sites with limited space and at isolated locations where only low voltage is available. It is also appropriate for smart metering and backhauling and supports multiple backhaul options, including to LTE and HSPA+ standards, for flexibility.
The product has already been selected by power utilities and energy producers from Asia to Latin America. In India, for example, Cairn Energy, one of that country’s largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, has deployed SecFlow-1.
“Critical infrastructure networks have unique security demands that require both inventiveness and expertise in the type of applications and services that they run,” said Ulik Broida, vice president of business development at RAD. “This is precisely why we implemented a defence-in-depth approach in designing SecFlow-1 and equipped it with an all-threat protection toolkit. In this way, SecFlow-1 also provides crucial support for power utilities as they seek to obtain NERC CIP compliance for their BES.”
RAD’s service assured access products for mobile, business and wholesale service providers are designed to improve the way they compete: service agility to reduce time to revenue, complete visibility of network performance for greater operational efficiency and better QoE to reduce churn.