Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Qualcomm develops chipset for Azure Sphere IoT OS

Steve Rogerson
October 23, 2019
Qualcomm Technologies announced today at this month’s 5G Summit in Barcelona that it is developing its first cellular chipset optimised and certified for Microsoft’s Azure Sphere IoT operating system.
The chipset for IoT will include hardware-level security, come preconfigured with Azure Sphere, and will automatically connect to Azure Sphere security cloud services.
“We are pleased to expand our broad portfolio for the internet of things and to add the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Azure Sphere to our upcoming chipset,” said Jeffery Torrance, vice president at Qualcomm Technologies. “We hope to enable exciting new business transformations for customers in a variety of verticals, where powerful edge computing, low latency connectivity and end-to-end security can make an important difference.”
Azure Sphere is Microsoft’s end-to-end offering that includes an Azure Sphere certified chip, the Azure Sphere operating system and the Azure Sphere security service. This adds to Qualcomm’s hardware-based security to make it easier for manufacturers to create secure products, and to keep devices up to date over time with over a decade of security and OS updates created and delivered directly to each device by Microsoft.
“For IoT innovations to be reliable, they must be built on a foundation of security,” said Galen Hunt, managing director of Microsoft Azure Sphere. “Qualcomm Technologies will allow partners to innovate with the assurance that their products, customers and brands are secured. The new IoT chipset will light up a broad set of new scenarios at the outer edge, even the most resource-constrained ones. Together with the silicon innovation and cellular and embedded security expertise Qualcomm Technologies brings, our partners will have the freedom to securely connect devices anytime, anywhere.”
This builds on Qualcomm’s on-going work with Microsoft, which previously brought AI to the intelligent edge with the Vision AI developer kit for Azure IoT featuring the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence 300 platform, which delivers edge computing for on-device AI and machine learning, with thermal efficiency, across a range of IoT applications.
Microsoft also recently released Azure IoT SDK support for Qualcomm’s latest IoT chipset, the 9205 LTE modem. The modem is a purpose-built LPWA chipset for the IoT, offering global multimode LTE category M1 (eMTC) and NB2 (NB-IoT) connectivity, as well as 2G/E-GPRS connectivity, application processing, geolocation, hardware-based security, support for cloud services and accompanying developer tools. It comes with an integrated RF front-end, has a hardware security framework, including Qualcomm’s Trusted Execution Environment, and counts more than 27 licensees to date.