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Quantum leaps into IoT platform for hobbyists

Steve Rogerson
July 7, 2020

California-based Quantum Integration has launched an IoT platform for electronic hobbyists. Makers can create custom apps and firmware without coding through a graphic interface and control any wireless device through a central server.
Frustrated with Arduino’s limitations and a desire to automate devices wirelessly in the home, Michael Barnick founded Quantum Integration to bring more integration and IoT to home automation enthusiasts. With his background in computer engineering, including management at Apple, and as an experienced tech start-up entrepreneur, he decided to make it easy for electronics hobbyists to make and manage their own IoT networks.
“Single-use IoT devices like Nest are no longer enough for those wanting more control," said Barnick. “The Quantum IoT platform is unique in that it allows easy integration of any number and type of device. It’s plug-and-play from beginning to end and designed for novices and experts alike. It is now easier than ever to build custom automation projects from using remote temperature sensors, lighting control, security systems, entire high-end home automation and even robots. The only limit is your imagination.”
Quantum is a California-based corporation founded in 2017 and specialising in IoT platforms and devices. Its products include servers, wireless IoT devices and a proprietary operating system.
It also offers a starter bundle that includes a Q-Server and two Builder Bases for $249, which provides a complete IoT platform, enabling anyone to build purposeful projects.
Hardware products will be available for a discounted purchase price on Kickstarter, starting mid-July 2020, and will later be available from online resellers or directly beginning mid-August 2020.
“Using the Quantum IoT platform, I was able to do in minutes what would have taken days on Arduino,” said Joeran Kinzel, Quantum co-founder. “If you’re an electronics hobbyist or enthusiast with a love for wireless devices, the Quantum IoT platform is for you.”
Quantum’s IoT platform can empower electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists to build high tech projects from a simple button to home automation and robots. Leveraging the combination of multiple Q-Client Builder Bases, Q-Servers and a developer environment, users can write apps and create custom firmware coding. The company’s platform is designed for a wide range of low-cost Bluetooth devices. Quantum also provides a graphic based development environment that allows fast and easy control of any custom device. Along with a smart plug-and-play feature, users can add and use devices on the network in a matter of seconds.