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QNX provides operating system for NantHealth medical device

Steve Rogerson
January 21, 2015
Canada-based QNX Software Systems is helping cloud-based information technology provider NantHealth with its next generation HBox portable medical device that captures and transmits secure medical data between the patient, doctor and hospital.
The HBox serves as a hub of all medical data related to a patient, and provides access to medical records by transmitting information to and from the patient, doctor and point of care. The mobile medical device, powered by Blackberry-subsidiary QNX’s Neutrino operating system, can communicate with all legacy computers and devices in healthcare institutions. Currently, HBox collects three billion vital signs annually and transmits those data to thousands of medical devices and 250 hospitals throughout the USA.
“Combining Blackberry’s embedded software reliability, mobile device management and security technology with NantHealth’s ability to develop leading health care devices and platform creates a powerful strategic relationship,” said John Chen, executive chairman and CEO at Blackberry. “We look forward to continued collaboration where we leverage our respective strengths to improve patient healthcare.”
The QNX enabled HBox will be compatible with Blackberry’s BES enterprise mobility management platform in the coming months. HBox, once integrated with BES, will be fully encrypted to allow deployment in a HIPAA-secured environment, enabling clinicians and patients to access and receive medical information securely as soon as it is available, wherever they are.
“With HBox, we have created a human signal capturing device that automatically and securely transmits, through our HIPAA-compliant NantCloud, critical medical data and vital signs to the mission control centre,” said Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, founder and CEO of California-based NantHealth. “Instantly and safely connecting the patient with the doctor and hospital allows for a higher quality of healthcare, expediting diagnosis and treatment, as well as more efficiently and accurately providing vital information into the hands of those in need.”
The HBox marks the second innovative product resulting from the collaboration of Blackberry and NantHealth. Last year, the two companies announced the first secure clinical genome browser, the NantOmics cancer genome browser, which provides doctors access to patients’ genetic data on the Blackberry Passport smartphone.