Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

QAD stitches supply chain tools for leather goods maker

Steve Rogerson
April 16, 2019

Maroquinerie Thomas, a French luxury leather goods maker, is using cloud-based production planning, procurement planning and analytics to optimise its supply chain. The technology comes from California-based QAD through its DynaSys division.
"We are a family company focused on our business and respect for the traditions of leather goods," said Maroquinerie Thomas supply chain manager Christophe Pinard. "We do not have the time or resources to manage an IT infrastructure. Cloud-based software is perfect for our company, processes and strategy. It allows us to focus on our expertise and our core business."
For 82 years, and through four family generations, Maroquinerie Thomas has met or exceeded the challenges and tradition of craftsmanship of the leather goods industry, mastering the various related professions that require industry-specific expertise. The company's primary focuses are manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction. Since 1970, Maroquinerie Thomas has outsourced to the biggest names in the luxury brand industry. It employs 1500 people spread between five sites in France, and a production site in Italy.
In 2017, Maroquinerie Thomas performed an audit of its supply chain and found it to be too centralised, too complex and not agile enough. The company also identified potential disruptions to the flow of information management.
"The evolution of our business follows fashion trends," said Pinard. "We are experiencing more and more variations with reduced end-to-end supply chain visibility. With four collections per year in the luxury market, we need quarterly visibility. We have important challenges in our business and we must anticipate the purchase and storage of raw materials, which are often rare and therefore expensive. We must also plan so that all our specialists, whatever their job, are optimally utilised."
Maroquinerie Thomas' objective is to align its plans including budget, capacity, master production schedule and procurement. The company selected QAD DynaSys for:

  1. End-to-end demand and supply chain planning including production planning, procurement planning and analytics;
  2. Ability to process aggregated data;
  3. Automation of task management;
  4. Ability to share information and work in a collaborative way;
  5. Deep domain expertise in the luxury brand sector, as well as a support and knowledge transfer approach; and
  6. Cloud-based demand and supply chain planning.
"The decision to select QAD DynaSys was made in March," said Pinard. “We begin the project in May and we go live in November. We are delighted with this partnership and with how well the QAD DynaSys teams have collaborated with our in-house project team."
QAD DynaSys president Ariel Weil added: "We are proud to help a growing company that is steeped in tradition to become even more agile and collaborative thanks to our cloud-based demand and supply chain planning. We have a thorough understanding of the challenges of the luxury market, and we will bring all our experience in this area into play for Maroquinerie Thomas."