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Progistics app helps with last-kilometre deliveries

Steve Rogerson
July 26, 2016

Last-kilometre distribution and logistics company Progistics Distribution has has introduced a web app that provides businesses with same-day and on-demand delivery services anywhere within a 320km radius of the major metro areas served by the Nevada-based firm.
Called eDemand, it is the result of combining over 30 years of experience in distribution and logistics with best of breed mobile technology. It lets Progistics tap into its network of more than 700 professional drivers, connecting them via their mobile devices to enable communications between businesses, drivers and brokers.
The app provides an interface that is said to shorten the last kilometre by optimising the process of planning and routing of operations such as time constraints, vehicle constraints, driver rules and customer requirements. This allows the company to provide same-day and on-demand deliveries to retail, ecommerce, small package and bulk shipment companies.
"People don't realise how challenging logistics really is and how complex the process of last-mile delivery should be when done right," said Joel Ritch, CEO of Progistics Distribution. "That's why we are seeing so many failing delivery start-ups. The tech venture capitalists and start-up companies underestimated the resources needed in building a successful logistics-driven business from the ground up."
He said that sure technology was the foundation of the on-demand evolution, but without proven logistics experience to balance the technology, products and services were only half-baked or worse.
“That's why we are rolling out eDemand,” he said, “to deliver a complete solution that is built on our 30 years of distribution and logistics experience. EDemand will help us take advantage of the demand we've already been seeing, which will exceed 1.2 million deliveries this year."
According to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, as much as 28 per cent of all transportation costs occur in the last kilometre. EDemand can help reduce the expense and complexity of last-kilometre deliveries by making the connection between professional drivers and those in need of same-day delivery services more efficient. Additional features include real-time order tracking, live customer support, digital signature capture and delivery verification.
"Our customers come to us because of our experience in logistics and distribution," said Jamie Myers, senior vice president at Progistics Distribution. "An added benefit is the eDemand web app that makes same-day delivery more efficient and cost effective. Our customers are telling us that using eDemand has helped them respond more quickly to the demands of their customers and is saving them time and money in the process."
EDemand is available to businesses in Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle.