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In-home display with Alexa connects smart grid to smart home

Steve Rogerson
October 4, 2018

UK firm Presciense's Polaris in-home display is a smart home gateway with Amazon Alexa built-in that connects directly to smart meters, distributed energy resources and intelligent appliances to deliver insight, advice and control over energy usage.
Personalised energy insights derived from the users' actual energy usage are taken directly from the smart meter and processed and displayed in real time on Polaris' high-definition touchscreen display and associated mobile apps.
Polaris' quad-core processor is capable of edge-based disaggregation to identify individual appliance usage, learn daily routines and locally control the user's smart home to deliver more efficiency while ensuring privacy.
Householders can talk to Amazon Alexa on their Polaris display by tapping a button. With Alexa, they can ask to check and manage their energy usage, as well as play music, listen to the news, control smart home devices and more. Questions that can be asked include:

  • “Ask Presciense Energy how much did I spend on energy this month?"
  • "Ask Presciense Energy which appliances have the highest usage in my home?"
  • "Ask Presciense Energy what can I do to reduce my energy bill?"
  • "Ask Presciense Energy how much charge does my car have?"
With support for time of use tariffs and half-hourly settlement, Polaris can help users lower the cost of their energy consumption by heating homes, charging cars, washing clothes or running dishwashers during periods of low demand or be paid to help balance the grid at times of peak demand.
"With more than half of consumers in doubt over the benefits of smart meters and often reluctant to have one installed, Polaris, with Alexa built-in, offers utilities the opportunity to unlock the real value of the UK government's smart meter programme and home automation delivering personalised engagement, greater convenience and energy efficiency," said Presciense CEO Jonathan Lishawa.
Presciense connect the smart grid to the smart home with a range of complimentary smart energy and home automation certified displays and gateways that are integrated with smart meters and connect to a range of distributed energy resources and smart home devices.
The company's edge processing gateways and energy platform-as-a-service (ePaaS) infrastructure provide an end-to-end method to collect high-resolution data securely that can be used by utility companies to connect and control intelligent assets in real time.