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AEP Ohio offers energy management to householders

Steve Rogerson
August 1, 2017

AEP Ohio is deploying a home energy management system from Powerley for its residential customers. The electric utility is leveraging the Michigan company’s end-to-end hardware and software platform to provide a real-time energy management experience.
Branded as It’s Your Power, the mobile application is available for AEP Ohio’s 1.5 million residential customers via Google Play and the Apple App Store. Customers with homes that are equipped with smart meters can request an energy bridge, enabling real-time engagement in the home’s energy usage.
The energy bridge also acts as a smart home hub, allowing for the control and automation of smart devices, including bulbs, switches and sensors. As part of the programme, householders are being offered a Powerley thermostat to balance HVAC energy usage with comfort, while also enabling AEP Ohio to execute demand response events.
“Powerley is proud to partner with AEP Ohio as one of the first utilities globally to deliver the energy-driven smart home experience,” said Manoj Kumar, chief executive officer of Powerley. “Powerley allows utilities to go beyond the meter to swiftly innovate the customer experience by providing consumers with a real-time window into their energy usage. Bridging the smart home to the smart grid, utilities can drive innovation, efficiency and engagement.”
From the mobile app to the hardware to the product packaging, the platform can be customised to any utility for rapid implementation. In less than 12 months, Powerley progressed from an initial internal technology test to a full-scale consumer rollout with AEP Ohio while also driving more than 10,000 downloads of the application in the first three months. The platform will also complement AEP Ohio’s expansion of its advanced metering infrastructure to 894,000 customers.
Powerley says it is the first company to integrate real-time home energy management within a complete smart home. Built with energy providers, it lets utilities provide an experience in which consumers can manage both their energy and their smart home devices through mobile, wearables and voice via Amazon Alexa. With a constant connection to the home’s smart meter, it provides real-time energy usage data for the whole home and every connected appliance and device within it. The turnkey platform is available to energy providers to offer a utility-branded experience to their customers.