Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Polymer and Sequans develop IoT pallet tracker

William Payne
January 22, 2019
French 4G chip maker Sequans Communications and logistics packaging specialist Polymer Logistics have developed an IoT tracking device for use with logistics pallets and other retail and industrial IoT applications.
Packaged as the Smart IoT Tracker, the device is approved for use on the LTE-M network of Verizon Wireless, and is pending approval with other wireless operators.
The tracker is for tracking and monitoring of logistical assets. As well as working as a stand-alone device, it fits onto Polymer Logistics’ CleanPal pallets. In addition to the LTE-M connectivity provided by Sequans’ Monarch platform, the device includes a temperature sensor, an accelerometer and network-based geolocation.
The tracker fits securely between the standard slats of a pallet without any overhang so it cannot be damaged by forklifts. It uses standard AA batteries, eliminating the fire risk of lithium ion batteries. The IP66 enclosure makes it safe from extreme weather conditions, powerful seas or jets of water. It does not have to be removed from pallets prior to washing.
The tracker is powered by the Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT platform, which provides support for power saving mode and extended discontinuous reception to enable the long battery life needed by many IoT use cases, and it provides enhanced coverage modes, including a +23dB power amplifier that extend coverage for deep-indoor and remote deployments.
For LTE positioning, Monarch incorporates the positioning technology of Polte for accurate, low power, indoor and outdoor positioning capability using only the LTE radio. Monarch delivers programmable RF filtering for global band support in a single SKU, and proprietary dynamic power management technology enabling power consumption of 1µA.
“The Polymer Logistics Smart IoT Tracker is indeed a very smart device,” said Danny Kedar, VP of Sequans’ IoT business unit. “It is designed with careful attention to the needs of pallet-tracking applications, such as temperature and location monitoring. According to industry analysts, the addressable market for the mobile tracking of pallets numbers in the billions of units, representing a very real opportunity, and we are pleased to work with Polymer Logistics in getting this excellent pallet tracker to market.”