Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Polte and NimbleLink partner on location-based asset tracking

Steve Rogerson
March 6, 2019
Minnesota-based NimbeLink and Dallas company Polte have teamed up on location technologies for IoT asset tracking. The collaboration enhances 4G and 5G connectivity for asset trackers from NimbeLink.
Polte specialises in cloud location over cellular (C-LoC) technology and NimbeLink is a provider of cellular IoT products and services. The initiative aims to to embed Polte’s location software on NimbeLink’s AT2 and AT4 asset trackers. NimbeLink will leverage Polte’s agreement with Sequans to embed Polte software on the Sequans Monarch platform.
The recently launched AT4 is a compact, rechargeable, dust and water-resistant asset tracker. It operates from -20 to +60˚C and uses LTE-M NB-IoT cellular technology, as well as wifi for indoor and outdoor environments. The AT2 has a rugged enclosure with temperature, humidity and motion sensors for a broad range of use cases. The series is configured to work on GPS, wifi and cellular networks in the USA and Europe.
“NimbeLink’s robust AT2 and AT4 asset trackers are ideally suited for Polte’s software-only C-LoC technologies, which will enhance the capabilities of NimbeLink’s trackers,” said Polte CEO Ed Chao. “The demand for cost effective, long battery life IoT trackers will continue to rise dramatically, and rapid time-to-market and easy-to-deploy IoT solutions will be a key driver for the marketplace.”
C-LoC leverages available 4G and 5G signals and the cloud to enable accurate location indoors and outdoors. Polte’s patented algorithms offload location calculations from the device and compute in the cloud instead, reducing time to market.
“Polte’s ability to hybridise with GPS and wifi on our AT2 and AT4 asset trackers makes their C-LoC especially interesting to add a rich feature set to our devices,” said Scott Schwalbe, CEO of NimbeLink. “We’re intrigued to explore leveraging the advantages of Polte’s Cat-M cellular IoT solution to help deliver IoT devices that are cost effective with a long battery life.”