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Telehealth startup PointNurse forms collaborative telemedicine organisation

Steve Rogerson
April 28, 2015
Nashville-based PointNurse, a telehealth and telemedicine startup company, has announced a partnership with Palo Alto based Swarm Fund to help create the first global telemedicine and telehealth distributive collaborative organisation. PointNurse will be joining four other companies selected by the Swarm Fund community in February in their incubator and crowdfunding programme.
Unlike other telemedicine and telehealth companies such as Teledoc, DrOnDemand, and MDLive, in which providers are paid fees for service, PointNurse will be deploying a community model in which providers can join the community as members, receive fees and have a proportional stake in the software platform.
"We believe, unlike Uber and AirBnB, where only a small group of individuals have control and say in the business or economic upside, our distributive collaborative organisational structure gives our healthcare providers a vote in the governance of the platform and pro-rata upside in its potential value as demand rises for its use," said Cyrus Maaghul, founder and CEO of PointNurse. "Telehealth and telemedicine are inherently collaborative environments involving many different groups of providers to effectively engage consumers and provide high quality care and better outcomes. We think this model is superior to existing models in this space today."
PointNurse is a consumer oriented service designed around a highly secure and encrypted peer-to-peer video, voice and text technology to enable easy access to clinical nurse practitioners, doctors, psychiatrists, social workers and other licensed professionals to have prompt and confidential conversations. The community is comprised of over 60 healthcare practitioners and rapidly growing.
Three of the other four companies have not been named. The fourth is digital currency company WoodShares.