Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Pod and Expeto integrate 5G with enterprise IT

Steve Rogerson
May 13, 2020
A collaboration between Pod Group and Expeto provides seamless integration of public and private LTE and 5G networks with a user’s existing enterprise IT network resulting in the agility, speed and security to launch IoT applications globally as extensions of existing networks.
Expeto is a Canada-based provider of disruptive cloud and edge IoT connectivity technology.
The agreement allows Pod Group to offer large, connected enterprises, such as those with smart manufacturing facilities, the ability to control every aspect of their network combined with the scalability of global wireless connectivity and data path control. It puts network control inside the enterprise network, in the cloud for public LTE and 5G with global coverage and at the edge for private LTE and 5G installations for high speed and low latency.
Enterprises can benefit from the flexibility to deploy applications and enact network changes in real time, using existing security assets and protocols, managed via one centralised platform.
Pod Group can now offer Expeto-enabled IoT connectivity in over 185 countries on more than 600 networks worldwide including support for private LTE and 5G networks.
UK-based Pod’s global presence combined with Expeto’s platform for IoT connectivity enables the creation of centrally managed private networks in any geography with seamless roaming between private and public wireless networks. Expeto’s ability to slice the network dynamically in real time and group assets under different packet gateways gives flexibility to set different requirements in terms of speed, quality of service and data path control.
“For globally connected enterprises, especially those with remote sites in the manufacturing, logistics, mining, or oil and gas sectors, existing connectivity options such as wifi or traditional cellular networks do not provide adequate control, security and QoS, especially in mission critical environments,” said Sam Colley, CEO of Pod Group. “Public and private LTE networks provide a way to benefit from the promise of 5G today, whilst ensuring complete security and control of connected assets. Our partnership with Expeto adds a whole new dimension to our modular connectivity platform, enabling enterprises to build and control their own networks on a global scale.”
Expeto’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering gives enterprises the ability to manage all aspects of the network via one pane of glass and, when combined with Pod’s modular IoT suite, will enable control of all IoT connectivity, security and billing from one platform.
“Enterprise customers require secure, fast and affordable IoT to enable meaningful efficiencies and revenue streams,” said Michael Anderson, CEO of Expeto. “With Pod Group’s extensive solutions and customer base coupled with Expeto’s ground-breaking IoT connectivity platform, we can help enterprise customers enable meaningful IoT outcomes without risks of complex integrations, security vulnerabilities and incremental operating costs associated with existing options.”
Expeto has its global headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and US headquarters in Portland, Oregon.