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Plex acquires DemandCaster to improve supply chain planning

Steve Rogerson
August 23, 2016
Cloud ERP for manufacturing firm Plex Systems has acquired Illinois-based DemandCaster, a cloud-based supply chain planning company. The acquisition means the Plex Manufacturing Cloud now delivers applications for running manufacturing enterprises, from enterprise resource (ERP) and supply chain planning (SCP) to manufacturing execution (MES).
With the addition of DemandCaster, Michigan-based Plex says it provides customers with visibility and insight from demand to execution across the entire manufacturing enterprise.
“Bringing DemandCaster into the Plex Manufacturing Cloud means we can now offer manufacturers the industry’s first comprehensive cloud suite for connected manufacturing, from planning all the way to execution on the shop floor and delivery to the customer,” said Jason Blessing, CEO of Plex Systems. “We’ve already achieved tremendous market success as partners and I’m excited to see we what we can deliver for customers together.”
DemandCaster develops cloud-based supply chain planning scaling to support mid-sized manufacturers and global enterprises. The company has focused on helping customers build planning capabilities to leverage lean manufacturing processes. Plex has partnered with DemandCaster for more than a year, with multiple large, complex organisations selecting the two companies’ integrated products.
“We started DemandCaster to help manufacturers achieve world-class planning capabilities and maximise the value of their finely tuned production and fulfilment operations,” said Ara Surenian, CEO and founder of DemandCaster. “From the start of our partnership, working with Plex has been an ideal fit, combining our cloud-based planning system with their industry leading MES. I couldn’t be more excited to join the Plex team.”
Plex can help manufacturers link the shop floor directly to supply chain and enterprise resource planning, as well as suppliers and customers. It offers big data for manufacturing planning, leveraging data from the shop floor, the enterprise, suppliers and customers for new supply chain analytics in the IntelliPlex suite.
Also available are master production scheduling, sales and operations planning, demand planning, distribution requirements planning, capacity planning, inventory planning and optimisation. The suite has proven integration with industrial IoT, suppliers, customers and third-party systems including both legacy and cloud ERP.
“Adding DemandCaster’s proven capabilities to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud opens up a whole new era in connected manufacturing,” said Jim Shepherd, group vice president of strategy for Plex Systems. “Customers will be able to see a real-time change in demand, evaluate alternative responses, and coordinate rescheduled production or procurement all within a single application, anywhere in the world.”