Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Playpal completes proof of concept for AI platform

Steve Rogerson
March 5, 2019
Colorado-based Playpal, an AI-powered health tech platform, has completed its proof of concept (PoC), creating iOS and web versions of the platform that collects and consolidates IoT health data from across apps and devices to deliver a holistic picture of a user’s health.
With a view to intervene in health depreciation, the platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer individual recommendations for the user’s health. It is powered by a dual incentivisation model that prompts healthy actions through the intrinsic motivation of gamified health and rewards in the form of monetary benefits.
The PoC demonstrated the various architectural elements of the platform involving the gathering and monitoring of user data from mhealth apps and devices, implementation of public databases, correlation of nutrition data with fitness data, and visualisations of user-specific profiles and recommendations.
Analysis shows that the proliferation of mhealth devices and apps has increased the average consumer’s accessibility to health information and tracking. However, the sheer volume of fragmented information in a cluttered marketplace causes confusion and prevents any sensible absorption or use by the consumer. Simultaneously, low engagement in healthy behaviour is driving down retention rates for health-oriented programmes, devices and apps, while healthcare costs are skyrocketing.
To mitigate these problems, Playpal recognises the need to assimilate data from heterogeneous sources and promote self-awareness and management of health. The platform integrates the requirements of individual users, commercial entities and communities to deliver a one-stop method through incentivised collection, consolidation and smart visualisation of health data.
While users will benefit from proactive data-driven health advice, relevant stakeholders will also be able to receive insights on their community’s health profile with the advantage of streamlining programmes to encourage healthy behaviour. Integration with the platform should increase user engagement in health programmes and reduce healthcare costs, resulting in an overall healthier population.
“We live in a time where more and more people own a fitness device and health information through the internet is at our fingertips,” said Playpal CEO Eesha Sheikh. “But it is difficult to make sense of all these various sources of information, let alone translate it into your own particular needs and lifestyle. Playpal’s platform helps you decide what makes sense for you, to enable you to live and invest in your best life.”
The underlying philosophy behind the platform is the economic model of human health capital. This model holds that each individual is both a producer and a consumer of health, where health is treated like a stock that can fluctuate depending on the management of, and investments in, that stock. Playpal’s platform brings to life this concept of health as a quantifiable asset that holds financial value, which can then be combined to define the collective health capital of whole communities. One of the goals of the platform is to offer tools that let users improve their health capital and thus earn the financial value of their health asset.
In addition to the monetary benefit users will gain through the financial value of their assets, the platform will encourage intrinsic motivation through gamification. Riding the wave of recent endeavours into gamified health, not only will the platform feature several goal-oriented design elements, but Playpal will also cultivate an ecosystem of health games integrating with the platform.
“We are thrilled to announce the completion of the proof of concept and the fact we have successfully demonstrated that the health capital model can be rendered into a working form,” said Sheikh. “Some major components of the platform were successfully tested, confirming that the idea is practical and it works.”
Going forward, Playpal will now focus on creating a minimal viable product with specific focus on implementing top-grade security through blockchain, setting up the artificial intelligence engine, development of an Android application, third party integration, and a social infrastructure in the form of a community platform.