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Ping An to develop internet hospital model in China

Steve Rogerson
July 23, 2019

Online healthcare ecosystem platform Ping An is cooperating with nearly 50 hospitals across China to develop an internet hospital model using AI technology.
The hospitals involved in collaboration include the Aviation General Hospital of China Medical University, Sichuan Second Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University.
China-based Ping An’s hospital cloud system will be connected to the hospital information system of cooperative hospitals to form a three-in-one internet hospital management platform featuring online diagnosis, prescription sharing and health management.
By using Ping An’s AI technology and the resources of physical hospitals, this internet hospital model could enhance the efficiency of the medical system and improve the experience of patients.
The uniform management platform will be developed by both parties and could achieve a seamless connection between patients, hospitals, internet hospitals and supply chains, providing patients with integrated healthcare services such as online follow-up consultation, prescription circulation, drug delivery and chronic disease management.
This model could help hospitals solve such problems as absence in outpatient appointments, overcome geographical constraints, and expand the scope of hospital service. Meanwhile, internet hospitals will also serve as a data integration and sharing platform to facilitate information exchange and real-time sharing among entities, forming a closed-loop system combining online and offline medical services.
Ping An Good Doctor says it has the mature operation capability to systematise the operation of internet hospitals for improving efficiency rate of diagnosis and treatment and providing efficient services to patients and hospitals. Secondly, the company owns a professional medical team supported by AI technology to ensure online diagnosis will meet quality standards.
The company has a drug supply, storage and delivery system, which, together with a set of drug offering and efficient delivery arrangements, can achieve online diagnosis, prescription and drug collection. It also provides a one-stop medical and healthcare service covering patient-oriented thorough-process services.
Ping An Good Doctor is a one-stop healthcare ecosystem platform in China. By combining mobile health and AI technology, the company strives to provide every family with a family doctor, every person with an ehealth profile and everyone with a healthcare management plan.