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Personalised health virtual assistant

William Payne
July 12, 2016

San Diego based personalised health company ph360 has launched a mobile virtual health assistant designed to provide health advise that is personalised for each user. The company is making available to consumers on connected devices an approach to health care data that is being developed for clinical professionals in secondary health care called personalised medicine in the United States, and individualised medicine in Europe.

The company has named their virtual health assistant Shae, which stands for Siri for your health. ph360 says that it is aiming to bridge the gap between the knowledge of health care that exists currently in science and medicine, and that which is available to individuals.

"We already know how different each person is, and we already have the science, medicine and technology to identify, understand and apply advanced concepts in personalised health and epigenetics for each individual," says Matt Riemann, personalized health expert and founder of Shae. "Gone are the days of advising everyone to eat healthy fruits and vegetables and walk 60 minutes per day. It's now possible to find out the exact foods that are healthy for your specific body, and understand how this will influence your hormones, neurochemistry and state of health."

ph360 says that despite advances in public health science, health remains confusing for a majority of the population. According to, more than 50% of people believe that it's easier to do their own taxes than it is to figure out how to eat healthfully and 75% feel that changes in nutritional guidance make it hard to know what to believe.

"Shae removes the confusion from health and enables each individual to achieve the health they seek without having to know anything about health," says Riemann. "You can think of Shae like your new best friend, someone who is as smart as a group of medical professionals and is constantly thinking of you and your health." Shae employs scientific calculations of physical, genetic, and health data to develop each user's unique personal health plan. Connecting with wearable tracking devices and external data sources, Shae provides personalised, predictive and preventative health advice in real time via an individual's phone, tablet, smartwatch, or any connected device.

Shae is a timely innovation, as the current state of health continues to decline while the cost of care to individuals, corporations and governments continues to rise. Individuals are looking for less costly, more effective and user-friendly ways to manage their health issues and emerging personalized technologies may provide an answer to this previously misunderstood arena of health.

"The negative effects of poor physical health on overall well-being have been clearly established and we applaud agencies like the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for highlighting and studying this issue. We are very excited about the positive impact our technology will have on individual health and what that will mean for the health of families, communities and the world," states Riemann.