Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Phononic launches Wifi-enabled temperature monitor

Steve Rogerson
August 25, 2015
North Carolina-based Phononic introduced SilverPoint, a Wifi enabled temperature monitoring system, at last week’s IoT Evolution Expo in Las Vegas.
SilverPoint is embedded in Phononic's Evolve family of cold storage products, which includes a compact refrigerator (0.05 cubic metres) available now, a freezer (0.05 cubic metres.) and an under-counter refrigerator (0.16 cubic metres) available in 2016.
In addition to the embedded firmware, cloud-based software connected via Wifi provides temperature monitoring options. There are three layers of temperature monitoring security:

  • Local audible and visual alerts of temperature excursions, door ajar occurrences and other system events; text and email notifications of alert events.
  • Integrated temperature monitoring with temperature readings recorded at regular intervals and local data extraction via a USB port for record keeping per CDC recommendations.
  • Wifi connectivity to a secure database providing remote access to regular temperature readings and alert events for all connected units.
As a result of improper storage, vaccines – worth millions of dollars – are lost each year. Excessive heat, cold or light exposure can damage vaccines, resulting in reduced potency. Each time vaccines are exposed, potency reduces further. A single exposure to freezing temperatures can destroy some vaccines. SilverPoint provides greater confidence that valuable products are stored safely all of the time with round-the-clock alert notifications, both local on the unit and remotely via email or text.
"Effective vaccination storage can save an estimated $70bn in future healthcare costs," said Tony Atti, CEO and founder of Phononic. “Yet healthcare professionals are still logging temperatures in notebooks or adding costly after-market monitoring to learn of these threats to their inventory. Our Evolve cold storage solutions include SilverPoint monitoring that provides easy access to live and stored data, delivering on the promise of worry-free operation. The medical market has been asking for this level of connectivity, and Phononic is able to meet this challenge, providing peace of mind along with unprecedented workplace productivity and efficiency."