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Philips brings Mayo Clinic cloud-based ICU dashboard to market

Steve Rogerson
March 2, 2016
Dutch giant Philips launched IntelliSpace Console Critical Care, a cloud-based clinical decision support dashboard supporting enhanced workflows in the intensive care unit (ICU), at this week’s HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas. The console, based on research at Mayo Clinic, is designed to improve critical care with smart clinical decision making, enhanced patient monitoring and tracking of quality metrics.
The dashboard gives clinicians access to patient data across multiple systems and EMRs to help streamline, prioritise and analyse complex patient data quickly. It is the result of a multi-year clinical study and a research collaboration with Ambient Clinical Analytics and the Mayo Clinic.
“The amount of patient data available in the intensive care units is incredible, but it also places a substantial burden on the acting clinician to make quick and effective patient care decisions while making sense of mountains of information,” said Vitaly Herasevich of Mayo Clinic. “This new solution is formatted as a real-time dashboard that organises information the way a clinician processes data in a real-life patient scenario to facilitate decision making. This reduces stress, saves time, supports workflow and enhances the care process while allowing multiple members of a patient’s care team to be on the same page.”
In critical care settings where every second counts, clinicians need to make timely care decisions and navigating the vast amounts of clinical data available at the patient bedside can make it difficult for clinicians to analyse so much information at once. The console addresses this issue comprehensively and transforms patient data from multiple sources, including EMRs, into actionable insights. The smart dashboard provides intensivists, nurses, respiratory therapists and other specialists with the context-relevant clinical information needed to make decisions quickly and efficiently in critical care settings, hopefully leading to better care and greater productivity.
“As health systems continue to move towards value-based care while at the same time facing an explosion of patient data, solutions such as IntelliSpace Console help clinicians make sense of increasingly complex patient information in a meaningful way,” said Carla Kriwet, CEO for patient care and monitoring products at Philips. “This advanced visualisation dashboard enables clinicians to make quick, informed decisions, and ultimately provide enhanced care across the health care continuum.”
The transition to efficient patient-centric care is driving an increasing number of business and health IT challenges, including EMR implementation, interoperability, meaningful use, accountable care and healthcare reform. At HIMSS, Philips is demonstrating how integrated IT products such as IntelliSpace Console can address these challenges by collecting, combining, analysing and delivering quality data to help improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and improve quality of care.
IntelliSpace Console’s user experience, which is rendered using evidence-based guidelines, provides clinicians with an overview of the patient population in the ICU, including acuity level, details on life support and other key information to help clinicians make more informed decisions when assessing interventions and developing patient care plans. The dashboard harmonises the information on each patient to ensure that each member of the care team sees the same, normalised information.
It is hosted on the Philips HealthSuite digital platform, an open, secure cloud-based platform that powers systems that can collect, compile, store and analyse clinical and other data from multiple devices and sources. The platform supports the secure collection of all types of data related to health and lifestyle so patients and caregivers can make more confident health and lifestyle-related decisions with the next generation of connected health and wellness innovations.
Mayo Clinic developed IntelliSpace Console under the product name Aware (ambient warning and response evaluation) and Philips is partnering with Ambient Clinical Analytics to bring the technology to market in the second half of 2016. It is expected to be available to a select number of hospitals later this year.