Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Philips partners Amazon for connected health services

Steve Rogerson
October 20, 2015
Philips is strengthening its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of its strategy to enable an ecosystem for new types of connected and personalised digital health services. AWS IoT, a platform that makes it easy for devices to connect to AWS services, will expand the connectivity, capabilities and services of Philips’ Health Suite digital platform, an open IT infrastructure that supports the secure management of data related to a person’s health and lifestyle, as well as large scale clinical data.
“The digital health revolution and the power of the internet of things offer tremendous opportunities to positively transform how care is delivered,” said Jeroen Tas, CEO of Philips Healthcare Informatics at this month’s AWS Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. “By unleashing data from connected devices and health records, combined with analytics, valuable insights into how we can live and age well can be uncovered. At Philips, we seek to empower consumers to be active participants in their own health. For example, by giving them access to and control over their own health information, making that data more actionable, and by facilitating better collaboration between patients, clinicians and caregivers.”
The Dutch giant is collaborating with technology companies such as AWS, academic medical centres and patient advocates to achieve global scale and accelerate the realisation of connected care across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care.
To drive this type of care, Philips developed the Health Suite digital platform, running on AWS. It securely collects, aggregates and analyses data from a variety of apps and medical devices and systems such as EMRs. This platform has a secure device cloud that is already managing more than seven million connected devices, sensors and mobile apps – embracing the potential of the IoT.
With AWS IoT, Philips will enhance its platform with a future proof, secure and scalable IoT environment. The technology aims to create added value for customers in terms of smarter and more personalised services for healthier living and care coordination, and allow products – such as medical alert systems and baby monitors – to grow smarter over time.