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Philips unveils AI platform for healthcare

Steve Rogerson
March 13, 2018

At last week’s HIMSS show in Las Vegas, Philips unveiled an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for healthcare.
The Dutch technology giant introduced HealthSuite Insights, including the Insights Marketplace, to support the adoption of analytics and AI in key healthcare domains.
HealthSuite Insights gives data scientists, software developers, clinicians and healthcare providers access to analytic capabilities to curate and analyse healthcare data and offers them tools and technologies to build, maintain, deploy and scale AI-based services.
Insights Marketplace will provide the healthcare industry's first ecosystem where curated artificial intelligence assets from Philips and others are readily available to license.
AI-based products have the potential to improve patient outcomes and care efficiency. However, developing and deploying AI for healthcare use cases can be time consuming, resource intensive and expensive. HealthSuite Insights eases the logistical challenges of deploying AI in research and clinical environments. It accelerates the development of analytics, and reduces development and the total cost of AI.
"The quality of your AI is only as good as the quality of the data you feed into it," said Jeroen Tas, chief innovation and strategy officer at Philips. "We have designed HealthSuite Insights to be used by the people who work with patient data on a daily basis and have the contextual understanding, including doctors, clinicians and hospital managers. With the HealthSuite Insights platform, we give them the ability to bring all the relevant patient information together, curate the data and use the power of AI to support precision diagnosis, personalised therapy, early intervention and greater hospital efficiency."
The tools and technologies available through HealthSuite Insights already enable the machine learning and deep learning applications in Philips' diagnostic imaging, patient monitoring, and oncology and genomics offerings. Enabled by the platform, Philips leverages AI across these innovations by combining it with other technologies and a deep understanding of the clinical, operational and personal context to augment care professionals, patients and consumers.
Insights Marketplace initially offers assets supplied by Philips – including assets developed by scientists at Philips Research. Medically validated Philips assets will be added later this year. In late 2018, the Insights Marketplace will be expanded to include assets submitted by third parties.
AI assets built using the Insights platform are designed to be secure regardless of the execution environment, with identity and access management, integrated blockchain services, and data collection and management services built in. The platform can be deployed on a healthcare cloud infrastructure such as the Philips HealthSuite digital platform, or on premise at a provider site.
Philips and Samsung have announced plans for a strategic partnership to connect Samsung’s Artik smart IoT platform to the HealthSuite digital platform. This collaboration will ultimately allow the Artik ecosystem of connected devices to access and share information safely with Philips’ cloud platform. Healthcare application developers will be able to realise interoperable connected health using integrated data sets and HealthSuite services such as health analytics.