Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

PCH helps MC10 commercialise interactive body stamps

Steve Rogerson
April 19, 2016
PCH, which designs custom products for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, is helping MC10, a healthcare technology company specialising in stretchable body-worn computing systems, commercialise its Wisp wearable interactive stamp platform.
The two US companies have entered an exclusive partnership to allow brands to develop consumer applications for the platform, which is a skin-worn, ultra-thin, stretchable and disposable stamp.
When paired with a smartphone, tablet or NFC reader, the platform enables various consumer applications, such as cashless payments, hotel room access, event registration, interactive experiences at amusement parks, sporting and music events, and VIP experiences. It can also be used in clinical environments to transmit important patient information and streamline procedure flow.
“We are excited to partner with PCH to expand the reach of MC10’s body-worn electronics globally, within and beyond our core healthcare market,” said Scott Pomerantz, president of MC10. “PCH’s experience working with leading consumer brands, and its ability to commercialise the technology, will accelerate development of new applications within a variety of industries for skin-worn wearables.”
PCH will work with third-party brands to customise the technology and develop consumer applications. The smart stamp was first commercialised in conjunction with L’Oréal as the world’s first stretchable electronic designed to measure individual UV exposure. L’Oréal will retain exclusivity for applications of this technology in the beauty domain.
“Our partnership with MC10 opens the door for other brands to develop consumer applications using this unique wearable platform,” said PCH CEO Liam Casey. “The stamp is highly customisable allowing brands to create personalised and engaging experiences that reinforce customer loyalty.”
The stamp leverages NFC technology to enable interactions between brand and wearer. By combining cloud analytics with Wisp, brands can deepen their understanding of consumer behaviour. To maintain the security of the stored information, the breathable, waterproof stamp is designed to tear and become unreadable upon removal.
MC10 combines its proprietary ultra-thin, flexible body-worn sensors with analytics to unlock health insights from physiological data.