Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Panasonic and JDA integrate supply chain technology

Steve Rogerson
January 23, 2019

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic is working with Arizona-based JDA Software to co-develop integrated technology such as SaaS, IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), real-time sensing and analytics to optimise supply chains.
The joint offering will use JDA’s Luminate family with Panasonic technologies for the manufacturing, logistics, and retail industries. This integrated technology was demonstrated at this month’s NRF Retail Big Show in New York and included Panasonic’s Visual Sort Assist system, out-of-stock detection, flowline analytics and facial recognition technology.
JDA delivers end-to-end digital supply chain technology to more than 4000 customers worldwide and Panasonic develops electronics technologies for consumer electronics, housing, automotive and B2B businesses. Together, they aim to bring process innovations to enhance the value chain within a user’s operations by optimising production plans, supply and demand prediction, lead times, and store inventory management.
“The autonomous supply chain transformation is just beginning and it will be built on correlating edge technologies with enterprise supply chain software,” said Girish Rishi, chief executive officer of JDA. “The JDA partnership with Panasonic to co-innovate and deliver solutions to our customers is a major step in that direction. Not only will this strengthen JDA’s presence and footprint in Japan, it will also put these new technologies in the forefront of customers’ minds in JDA’s customer experience centres in Scottsdale and London as well as Panasonic’s connected company headquarters in Tokyo, giving customers a tangible look at the autonomy they can drive in their future factories, warehouses and stores.”
The two companies will use the strengths of their respective customer bases in each home country to expand into new markets and work together to promote business globally by providing technology that address key use cases including:

  • Luminate integration with Panasonic Visual Sort Assist: This improves efficiency in package sorting for warehouses, leveraging scanning technology and image projection to accelerate the parcel process on a conveyor belt, while seamlessly linking with the main system to provide real-time data and insights. This allows warehouse managers to make dynamic decisions based on actual throughput and make changes in shipping orders and personnel allocation to achieve dynamic operations. Through the semi-automation of parcel checking and routing, users can improve the efficiency of sorting operations.
  • Luminate store optimiser integration with Panasonic out-of-stock detection: Through this, out-of-stock information is sent in real time from the retail store to factories, warehouses and store personnel, allowing for more timely shelf replenishment, improvements in production and shipping plans, while optimising store layout planning through out-of-stock analysis.
  • Luminate control tower integration with Panasonic flowline analytics: This includes detection and analysis of the behaviour of humans and machines enabling improvements in the allocation of workers, forklifts and other equipment at production sites and warehouses to improve productivity and optimise marketing opportunities to consumers at retail stores.
  • Luminate control tower integration with Panasonic facial recognition: This enhances security and enables real-time optimisation of workers by staff ID and location, as well as shopper behaviour and demographic analytics for merchandising and marketing.
“As part of our business strategy, Panasonic is using the know-how we have cultivated in the manufacturing industry and our own core technologies to become a total integrator for customers in the logistics and retail fields,” said Yasu Higuchi, CEO of Panasonic’s B2B business. “However, knowledge and hardware alone cannot completely solve all our customers’ needs. Through this collaboration with supply chain industry leader JDA, I am confident that we will create synergies with JDA’s AI and ML-based Luminate software to comprehensively solve the problems facing our customers.”
JDA Software specialises in AI and ML-driven supply chain and retail technology for retail, manufacturing and logistics companies. It enables an autonomous supply chain by connecting its cognitive SaaS offerings from end to end – across planning, execution and delivery – with a partner ecosystem, helping users predict and shape demand, transform their product delivery, and deliver a better customer experiences.