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Coaching app brings Nasa workouts where needed

Steve Rogerson
October 4, 2018

Oyo Fitness has launched a coaching app that wirelessly communicates fitness programmes with real-time coaching, tracking and feedback.
The Kansas firm is known for creating compact exercise equipment that uses Nasa SpiraFlex technology instead of weights, enabling fitness at home, office or on the go. It has launched its Personal Gym Pro and coaching app for iOS so personal fitness equipment with integrated connected workouts is available where needed.
Developed with California-based FS Studios, the coaching app can be used with all Oyo products, featuring programmes developed by fitness director Nick Bolton. These include strength, sculpting, cardio, yoga and pilates.
"The Oyo Gym provides gym quality resistance in all planes of movement without weight or momentum,” said Bolton. “From our library of over 200 exercises, I can build workouts for any programme you can imagine."
OYO Fitness was founded by Paul Francis, who invented SpiraFlex resistance technology for a Nasa mission critical programme to provide a countermeasure against astronaut bone and muscle loss caused by zero gravity during long space missions. A Nasa study proved SpiraFlex provided the same benefits as free-weights. More than 50 crew members have now worked out with the SpiraFlex iRED hardware on the International Space Station for almost ten years.
Francis licensed SpiraFlex technology to Nautilus and helped develop its Bowflex Revolution home gym, which has achieved sales of over $250m.
"I used SpiraFlex technology in zero gravity everyday on the International Space Station for six months, and returned to earth stronger than before I left," said Leroy Chiao, former Nasa astronaut and ISS commander. “Now I use the Oyo Gym to stay in shape while travelling internationally for business.”
Oyo (for On Your Own) was subsequently founded to provide the benefits of exercise at the convenience of the user, without the need to visit the gym or fill up a room with equipment. The company's first product is said to be the second most funded fitness product in Kickstarter history.
"People say they want the benefits of exercise, but don't have the time or place," said Francis. "Oyo is pioneering the next revolution of fitness by delivering the benefits of fitness to people wherever they have time to fit fitness into their busy lifestyle."
The company's pipeline of connected IoT fitness equipment aims to change the way people get and stay fit by delivering on-demand and live-streaming programmes from top trainers directly to the user. Group exercise classes are using the Oyo Gym in one-hour high intensity programmes for getting lean and fit, and to add strength to yoga and indoor cycling. In corporate wellness programmes employees can be tracked and rewarded.
The company is expanding international distribution to Asia and Europe.