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Surgical data blockchain initiative

William Payne
February 28, 2018

Surgical data analytics specialist ORHub has launched a healthcare blockchain initiative designed to make surgery more effective, with improved patient outcomes and greater healthcare process efficiencies. The company has signed a letter of intent to develop a surgical blockchain system with blockchain specialist SinglePoint.

ORHub’s surgical resource management is designed to provide clinicians and administrators with insight into every surgical procedure.

The company believes that the value of underlying data captured at the point of care can be further unlocked through blockchain solutions to provide smarter data with wide ranging implications including accuracy of medical records, efficiency of inventory management, improvement of billing cycles, quality of patient treatments and physician performance.

“We consider ORHub to be the pioneer of surgical resource management innovation and our collaboration with SinglePoint to build out transformative healthcare blockchain solutions was a logical extension of our data platform. Our vision is to change the face of surgical healthcare by dramatically lowering surgical costs, aligning physician performance with surgical efficiencies improving hospital economics and patient outcomes. The power of the intelligent data we already capture at the point of care has far reaching implications that can be better deployed through blockchain solutions to resolve the waste in time and resources that have contributed to the cost burden placed on hospitals today. We believe that blockchain inspired technology will set the stage for surgical data to evolve into a new paradigm based on a real-time shared infrastructure platform that is more transparent, more accurate, more timely, more cost effective and easy to use,” commented Colt Melby, Chief Executive Officer of ORHub.

Wil Ralston, President of SinglePoint commented, “We look forward to this exciting opportunity to extend ORHub’s platform that will revolutionise operating rooms at hospitals. We are confident that we can deliver a scalable solution that can transform multi-billion dollar industries through intelligent and efficient access to data that will provide doctors with the confidence that they are well-equipped to optimally perform surgical procedures.”

ORHub provides cloud-based software that captures information before, during and after surgery, filling a void in the current surgical information infrastructure and providing capture and measurement of the surgical process. The company's software applications are designed to allow hospitals and medical device vendors to use any web-enabled device to create an anatomical graphic depiction of what occurs during surgery. The application translates the resulting schematic into an intelligent, electronic operative report that links details of surgery, including implant location, surgical techniques, product usage, and all clinical parameters to create a dynamically new source of comparative information.