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Orbcomm brings cold-chain telematics to Northern Refrigerated

Steve Rogerson
August 23, 2016
California-based Northern Refrigerated Transportation is installing telematics from Orbcomm into its fleet of refrigerated trailers as part of its less-than-truckload service.
The deployment, expected to be completed by the end of this year, uses the satellite company’s cold chain telematics systems to track, monitor and control the refrigerated trailers. Orbcomm’s end-to-end service includes proprietary hardware and a robust web application with data reporting and analytics capabilities.
Northern Refrigerated will get two-way temperature monitoring and control, fuel management, maintenance, and logistics services, which will let it increase in-transit visibility and use of its assets, gain fuel savings, mitigate product spoilage and ensure compliance with the FDA’s upcoming Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA).
“With FSMA regulations coming into play, we needed a reliable and cost-effective solution to support our customers’ chain of custody demands and meet the temperature requirements for transporting their freight,” said Paul Withrow, chief operating officer of Northern Refrigerated Transportation. “Orbcomm’s powerful cold chain solution not only provides the valuable data insights we need to help our business be compliant and more profitable but also gives us an advantage in the highly competitive refrigerated transport market.”
In addition, the telematics integrates with the TMW TruckMate dispatch software platform, providing Northern Refrigerated with a centralised view of near-real-time asset location, temperature and sensor readings as well as alarm events through one system.
“Orbcomm’s cold chain monitoring is the key to maximising efficiencies and mitigating excess expenses, and we are pleased to pass along these benefits to Northern Refrigerated as they strive to improve overall performance and utilisation of their refrigerated trailers,” said Marc Eisenberg, Orbcomm’s chief executive officer. “By providing end-to-end traceability of assets, we can deliver RoI-driven results, helping our customers reduce temperature-related load rejections and costly spoilage claims, shorten dwell times, minimise theft, decrease maintenance costs, and resolve improper invoicing.”