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Orbcomm provides temperature monitoring across Lidl fleet

Steve Rogerson
April 2, 2019

Orbcomm has been selected by food retail chain Lidl to provide temperature monitoring across its 3PL transport network of 400-plus refrigerated lorries and trailers in the UK.
Orbcomm is providing Lidl with a cold chain system, including hardware, connectivity, device management and seamless data integration into third-party transport management systems for efficient fleet management.
The automatic temperature detection systems monitor Lidl’s cargo and set variations and tolerances using multiple temperature sensors to ensure the quality and integrity of refrigerated loads from origin to destination. It also includes intelligent, configurable alarms that report out-of-range conditions, including hardware malfunctions, major temperature variations from set points, rapid fuel loss, and arrivals and departures from geofences.
In addition, Orbcomm is helping Lidl improve load security through external door sensors that fit all types of refrigerated trailers and vehicles and provide alerts via SMS or email on door open or close events.
“Orbcomm is pleased to support Lidl UK, one of the largest supermarket chains in Europe, in leveraging our advanced cold chain technology to ensure transparency throughout their refrigerated truck and trailer distribution network,” said Marc Eisenberg, chief executive officer of New Jersey-based Orbcomm. “By providing insight, alerts and systems integration, Orbcomm is helping Lidl UK to gain real-time visibility and control of their refrigerated transport assets, while reducing operational risk, ensuring regulatory compliance and improving customer service.”
Orbcomm specialises in the industrial IoT, providing products that connect businesses to their assets to deliver increased visibility and operational efficiency. The company has a broad set of asset-monitoring and control products, including seamless satellite and cellular connectivity.