Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Orbcomm modem complies with Inmarsat to target asset tracking

Steve Rogerson
February 16, 2016
Orbcomm’s OGi core modem is commercially available for asset tracking and monitoring applications. The modem has demonstrated compliance with Inmarsat’s requirements for RF communications using the Inmarsat I-4 L-band satellites along with the IDP network protocol.
The modem is a software-defined radio that leverages the New Jersey-based company’s satellite modem platform. With a footprint nearly half the size of a credit card, both Orbcomm’s OG2 and OGi modems use the same electrical and application interfaces, including the connectors, power input and programming environment. This gives users plug-and-play satellite connectivity using Orbcomm’s VHF network or the Inmarsat L-band network without the need to redesign their M2M systems.
Similarly, data delivery for both the networks is transmitted through a common interface provided by the Orbcomm Connect portal. This takes data from three satellite networks and seven terrestrial networks using a single connection, reducing the complexity of managing and integrating global M2M assets across multiple networks and technologies.
“This exciting milestone brings Orbcomm one step closer to creating a truly standardised satellite M2M platform,” said Craig Malone, Orbcomm’s executive vice president. “Orbcomm’s interchangeable modems can utilise either the Orbcomm or Inmarsat networks, providing our customers with unrivalled ease of use, flexibility and quality of service based on their unique application needs, including message size, delivery speed, geographic coverage and regulatory requirements.”
The OGi modem is claimed to be the smallest and lowest cost IDP modem built to date. Orbcomm is engaged with multiple customers integrating this standardised portfolio of M2M modem technology into their hardware to enable asset tracking and monitoring applications within the marine, heavy equipment and transportation markets.
• Lockheed Martin’s aeronautics division has selected Orbcomm’s turnkey iApp platform as a replacement to existing RFID-based data collection. The platform will enable automated data capture, processing, traceability and analysis of assets at global storage sites managed by Lockheed Martin, its partners and sellers.
Orbcomm will use Lockheed Martin’s AIT automated identification technology infrastructure to automate its data collection system. The iApp platform will locate and track mission-critical assets enabled with RFID readers using a single enterprise system for seamless, integrated operations. This should improve operational efficiency, enhance security and increase cost savings throughout the division.
“We are pleased to be selected by Lockheed Martin as technology partner in building scalable, sensor-driven data collection to manage the movement of assets around the world,” said Marc Eisenberg, Orbcomm’s chief executive officer. “Orbcomm’s highly adaptable iApp platform can be quickly integrated with Lockheed Martin’s existing AIT enterprise system for immediate return on investment and streamlined operations.”