Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Orbcomm uses cloud to provide logistics insights

Steve Rogerson
August 21, 2018
Orbcomm has released a cloud-based analytics service that leverages its telematics expertise and IoT portfolio to provide insights into the logistics and supply chain operations of enterprises.
With the New Jersey company’s analytics offering, its global customers can extract real-time information from their asset-based data to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends, improving operational efficiency and driving better business results.
The analytics service is focused on the transportation, logistics, supply chain and heavy equipment markets, where the company has industry expertise and domain knowledge. While its telematics offerings provide real-time operational and transaction data in these industries as well as a good proxy for assets’ behaviour, the new analytics cloud service should provide more in-depth descriptive, predictive and prescriptive results to optimise operations.
Through this offering, Orbcomm says it will deliver robust analytics services cost-effectively and at high speed, resulting in broader strategic benefits and long-term RoI for its customers.
Orbcomm has identified a number of opportunities for its analytics service that provide industry benchmark comparisons and statistical applications applied to machine, logistical and conditional behaviour. Use case examples include refrigerated transport operational performance, operational cycle and dwell time management, condition delivery management, fleet driver performance, predictive machine breakdown and shutdown, preventative maintenance planning, and business optimisation.
“Orbcomm continues to exemplify leadership and innovation in industrial IoT by redefining what it means to be an end-to-end IoT provider with the addition of our new analytics cloud service,” said Marc Eisenberg, chief executive officer of Orbcomm. “By responding to customer demand for more sophisticated business intelligence applications, Orbcomm has launched a comprehensive analytics platform that can transform asset data into usable, RoI-driven information to help customers improve performance and efficiency and make better business decisions.”
Orbcomm has licensed production-hardened core technology and hired a team of industry experts to launch and distribute its data analytics service, which is now commercially available.
The firm says its complete IoT offering and industry experience combined with analytics tools and technology make it easy for users to harness the best of open source innovation while achieving operational readiness at any scale.