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Orbcomm launches cargo monitoring system

Steve Rogerson
March 2, 2016
Orbcomm this week announced the release of CargoWatch Secure, a real-time cargo security and condition monitoring system that provides complete shipment lifecycle awareness and visibility of dry and refrigerated cargo in transit and in storage. The application is designed to traverse across various transportation modes and serve multiple parties from origin to destination.
It was developed for monitoring the global supply chain in real time. The application enables port and logistics zone operators, fleet owners, freight forwarders, customs and tax, and other government agencies, to detect, manage and correct supply chain anomalies in real time, resulting in reduced losses and claims.
“With cargo theft at an all-time high and increasing threats to international security, Orbcomm’s CargoWatch Secure combats these risks by providing real-time, end-to-end visibility into the supply chain whether the cargo is en route, being loaded on a container ship in a port or checking in at a distribution hub,” said Marc Eisenberg, chief executive officer of New Jersey based Orbcomm. “By leveraging our robust cargo security application, customers can reduce revenue losses due to damaged, stolen or delayed cargo and enable cost savings through streamlined operations and more efficient asset utilisation.”
In addition to combatting security risks, it provides tools to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer service and ensure compliance with government regulations including the Food & Drug Administration’s upcoming Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA). CargoWatch Secure can transform trip data into billing and insurance records so users can quickly manage accounts payable, complete audits and provide value-added services to customers such as shipment status, current location and estimated time of arrival.
The application also combines trip information, user-defined business rules and sensor data, such as exception-based alerts for door intrusion, unplanned and timed stops and deviations, geofences, temperature fluctuations, and tampering, with reporting capabilities to deliver smart actionable data and customised reports.
It supports the company’s cargo security device portfolio as well as select third-party devices that communicate with the application via RFID, GSM cellular, satellite and Zigbee wireless technologies. In addition, it interfaces with partner systems for non-intrusive integration and quick implementation.