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Oracle partners OriginTrail to enable blockchain in supply chain

Steve Rogerson
December 11, 2018

Oracle is integrating its blockchain cloud service with Slovenian supply chain technology company OriginTrail’s network. The partnership involves several Oracle offices in south-east Europe.
OriginTrail’s blockchain protocol aims to become the global language of supply chains, enabling companies to speak the same language with integrity. California-based Oracle’s blockchain platform securely extends business processes and applications while enabling the faster processing of business transactions.
OriginTrail and Oracle are working on an integration that enables trusted data sharing based on distributed ledger technologies. Because of tight integration efforts, the enterprise software built by Oracle, namely ERP systems and cloud services, can be seamlessly connected with the OriginTrail network and therefore other enterprise systems.
“Oracle offers businesses an easy way to adopt blockchain and transform enterprises with the comprehensive and enterprise-grade blockchain platform,” said Oracle’s Slovenia country manager Rajko Novak. “Integration with the OriginTrail network enables easier data sharing between companies along the supply chains, all based on distributed ledger technologies. Partnership with OriginTrail brings Oracle’s enterprise-grade technology closer to specific supply chain purposes. This enables to extract more value out of data being exchanged in the multi-organisational environment.”
This partnership lets companies that are already using Oracle products and services use OriginTrail’s services. It also allows for the easier integration of Oracle systems with various blockchains.
The OriginTrail protocol is a bridge that brings interoperability between Oracle’s and other blockchain products and, as such, brings adoption of the blockchain closer to global supply chains.
The blockchain has the power to transform how every industry does business by making interactions more secure, transparent, efficient and cost-effective. The Oracle blockchain cloud service is a development platform for people to build their own networks, and to integrate quickly with Oracle SaaS and third-party applications they already use, as well as other blockchain networks and Oracle PaaS services. The blockchain platform is based on hyperledger fabric.
“There is a lot of value that can be captured from data sharing across supply chains,” said Tomaž Levak, co-founder of OriginTrail. “A partnership with OriginTrail will enable companies that are already using Oracle products and services to easily use OriginTrail’s solutions, and the easier integration of Oracle’s systems with various blockchains. We are immensely thrilled to work with a world leader to together tackle challenges resulting from an industry paradigm shift from traditional databases to distributed ledger technologies.”
The OriginTrail protocol is designed to be a neutral, open protocol for building transparency within global supply chains and it works by tackling issues of data interoperability and interconnectivity between data silos and walled gardens. These problems have historically evolved due to both the technical evolution of different systems, as well as politically motivated centralisation forces.
Therefore, from the beginning, one of the main pillars of development at OriginTrail has been technological agnosticism, as the company is confident that a true method needs to take both the historical context and incentives of parties – which have different needs, goals and systems in place – within the network into consideration.
A major step towards achieving this vision is the initiation of building integrations between the OriginTrail network and hyperlegder fabric in partnership with Oracle. In this way, the OriginTrail protocol is aiming to become a trusted, interoperable bridge for not only different IT systems among supply chain stakeholders, but also different technological systems, and networks in general, looking to harness the power of both Ethereum and hyperledger fabric.